The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2757

At the same time, Suhang Sujia Villa
Su Chengfeng hasn’t waited until Su Shoudao’s response, and he is more or less drumming in his heart.
It stands to reason that Su Shoudao went to see Ito Yuhiko this morning, and now it’s time for lunch, no matter whether his talks with Ito Yuhiko go well or not, he should always report to himself on the progress.
So he took out his phone and called Su Shoudao.
A cold reminder came from the other end of the phone: “Sorry, the user you dialed is turned off”
Su Chengfeng’s heart suddenly thumped!
“That’s bad!” He blurted out, “Shou Dao is probably an accident!”
The housekeeper Su Anshun hurriedly took out his mobile phone and said, “I’ll call the young master’s men.”
After speaking, the phone immediately dialed out, and soon there was a prompt to shut down.
His expression changed and he made several calls in a row, but the result was the same
So he said nervously: “Master, all four of them are turned off”
Su Chengfeng shuddered and blurted out: “It’s over! It’s over! It must have fallen into the hands of others just like Shoude.”
Su Anshun asked nervously, “Who is there in Jinling?! Could it be that the Ye Family is doing a ghost in the back?!”
Su Chengfeng frowned and said: “Hurry up and arrange for someone to check it out and see if anyone left Buckingham Palace before Shou Dao disappeared. If there is no such thing, then the Ye Family’s suspicion is naturally the biggest! I must let Ye Zhongquan give me an explanation!”
“Good lord!”
Su Anshun immediately figured out a way to find all kinds of relationships, searching for Su Shoudao’s trajectory
Soon, the results came back, and all aspects showed that Su Shoudao did not leave Buckingham Palace today.
This made Su Chengfeng furious
He didn’t think that the Ye family would dare to attack his son directly
Moreover, since Su Shoudao was caught by the Ye family, so is Su Shoude 90%!
Later, he made a call directly to Ye Zhongquan.
As soon as the call was made, Ye Zhongquan’s voice came over: “Oh, why would Brother Su call me?”
Su Chengfeng directly scolded angrily: “Ye Zhongquan! Don’t fucking be close to me, I ask you, where is my son Su Shoudao?!”
Ye Zhongquan didn’t think of Su Chengfeng’s swearing as soon as he came up, and asked coldly: “What a joke! How do I know where your son is?”
Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth and said: “Should fucking pretend to be confused with me! Shou Dao stayed at your Ye Family’s Buckingham Palace Hotel in Jinling last night. After getting up this morning, the person disappeared completely. Who else did it if you didn’t do it?!”
Ye Zhongquan was shocked
He subconsciously asked: “Su Chengfeng, is this true?”
Su Chengfeng cursed: “Nonsense! How can I talk to you? If you don’t give me an explanation for this matter, I will make you Ye Family pay the price if I fight this old life!”
Ye Zhongquan almost immediately concluded in his heart that this must have something to do with Ye Chen.
However, he naturally couldn’t speak directly to Su Chengfeng, so he said in a convenient way: “Su Chengfeng, I can swear to God what you said, I don’t know Ye Zhongquan! And I have never instructed anyone to do anything to your son. Since you said that the person disappeared in Buckingham Palace of my Ye family, then wait until I ask the specific situation first, and after I understand the specific situation, I will give you an explanation!”

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