The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2772

Facing Ye Chen’s question, He Yingxiu did not have any secrets, and said, “Going back to Master Ye, our He family’s internal boxing method has a relatively large demand for temperature and medicinal materials. The herbal medicine is the main and the strong medicine is supplemented. The qi supplements such as ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, deer antler and Cordyceps sinensis. The strong body is mainly some Chinese herbal medicines used for bathing medicinal baths.”
After talking, He Yingxiu introduced: “Our He family has two prescriptions, one is called Buqi San and the other is Xingti Decoction. Buqi San is made from precious medicinal materials such as ginseng and ganoderma in a special way. The traditional Chinese medicine can replenish qi, blood and internal force after oral administration, so as to enhance internal force and enhance meridian;”
“As for the body wake-up soup, it is a decoction made from a variety of Chinese herbal medicines. People directly soak in the decoction to strengthen bones and muscles and increase physical strength.”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “Then how much does your entire family invest in medicinal materials each month?”
He Yingxiu hurriedly said: “In the past, our investment was at the peak, at least 20 to 30 million yuan per month. Basically, we can guarantee that every member of the family who practices martial arts will get a pair of qi powder and a pair of awakening bodies every month. Tang, if it is a key training object, you can even get two to three pairs a month.”
Speaking of this, He Yingxiu sighed and said, “But recently, because the family’s financial situation is a little stretched, my father temporarily cut off most of the input of medicinal materials.”
“Currently, the tentative monthly cost of medicinal materials for the family is about three to five million. Most family members with ordinary qualifications can no longer receive medicinal materials. There are only a few key training objects, and they can barely use them, but the medicinal materials are also large. At a discount, the efficacy of the medicine will naturally weaken a lot.”
Ye Chen asked again: “How are the effects of your two medicinal materials?”
He Yingxiu shook her head and said helplessly: “In fact, even if the medicinal materials are not discounted, the effect is not very good. This is mainly because the effects of the prescriptions we use are relatively ordinary, which consumes a lot of medicinal materials, which may be very difficult for ordinary people. There will be immediate results soon, but for those who already have a certain training foundation, the effect can only be said to be better than nothing, and it can also play a certain auxiliary role.”
Ye Chen nodded lightly, and said calmly: “When it comes to prescriptions, I happen to have a pill that can increase the internal and external strength of the body. I personally feel it is very good, but I don’t know if it is suitable for your family’s internal family. Xinfa, Madam He, you can try this medicine with Ruoli.”
With that, Ye Chen took out two blood-saving heart-saving pills from his pocket.
This kind of pill is actually not valuable to him. If he wants to, he can refine it in large quantities.
This kind of pill had no effect on the current Ye Chen, but for the average person, the effect was very good.
Rao is hemiplegia and high paraplegia, which can be cured by this medicine.
If it is taken by ordinary people, the physical fitness can be greatly improved, so as to achieve the effect of prolonging longevity to a certain extent.
The medicinal power contained in this medicine is extraordinary. For martial arts practitioners such as He Yingxiu and Su Ruoli, it can not only strengthen the body and strengthen the meridians, but more importantly, it can greatly increase internal strength. It’s a panacea that I can’t even dream of.
At the beginning, Xiao Chili Qin Aoxue relied on a blood-saving heart-saving pill, and his strength improved in a short time. With just one pill, it went from lagging behind Ito Nanako by a lot to overtaking Ito Nanako by a lot. This shows that How powerful is this kind of effect on ordinary martial artists.
Ye Chen can see from the strength of Su Ruoli and He Yingxiu that although they are relatively top existing in the martial arts family, their strength is indeed far behind in front of him, and they can’t even make it to the table. Therefore, it can also be inferred that the effect of He family’s medicine tonic method must be minimal, and it may not even reach one thousandth of the blood-saving heart-relief pill.
Therefore, he had a plan in his heart.
“Didn’t the Su family use money to buy the He family?”
“Then I will change my path today!”
“I use money as a supplement and medicine as the mainstay to bind Hejia deeply!”
“Doesn’t your family want to cultivate more masters? With your current method alone, how can you give you 10 billion a year? Even if your people use ginseng as a meal every day, how can it be used? That way of stacking medicinal materials, no matter what, the effect is definitely not as good as my heart-spraying pill!”

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