The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2788

When Su Zhifei heard these words, his whole body was instantly dull.
In ten seconds, he couldn’t come back to his senses.
Du Zhenhua on the other end of the phone saw that he had no response, and couldn’t help but ask: “Zhifei, are you listening to me?”
Su Zhifei just reacted and blurted out: “I’m listening, grandpa, you said my mom and Zhiyu are back?! Really?!”
“Yeah!” Du Zhenhua said solemnly: “Can I still make fun of you with this kind of thing? Come back soon!”
Su Zhifei hurriedly said: “Good grandpa, I will go back now!”
After speaking, he immediately hung up the phone and said to the assistant: “You stay and continue to connect with the people on Chen Wang’s side. I have something to leave first.”
As soon as the voice fell, he ran out quickly.
Sitting in the car, Su Zhifei hurriedly wanted to start the car, but at this moment he suddenly hesitated.
His whole body was stagnated for dozens of seconds, and he felt extremely confused and contradictory in his mind.
He didn’t know whether his mother and sister came back safely at this time, whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. Remember for a second
To be honest, she has always had a very good relationship with her mother and sister, and sometimes she was a little bit excited and excited.
However, there was another uncontrollable idea in his mind.
That thought was telling myself: “Su Zhifei! It’s definitely not a good thing for your mother and sister to come back! Think about your grandpa, the old guy who is addicted to money and power, the reason why he gave you and your father now Showing good and showing weakness to you, in the final analysis, is because he is now infamous and feels guilty.”
“If your mother and sister suddenly come back as peacefully as a child, then the world’s contempt for your grandfather will naturally be relieved! After all, there is a world of difference between death and death!”
“Once the two of them return safely, people’s spit and anger towards your grandpa will naturally dissipate a lot, and they will even gradually be completely forgotten over time!”
“In that case, your grandfather will be able to return to the public’s field of vision and restore the identity of Su Family Patriarch in a fair manner. At that time, you and your father will become his two abandoned sons again!”
“Moreover, he will no longer feel guilty for you and your dad when the time comes! You and your dad will lose all their advantages!”
“More importantly, your mother and sister, since they managed to escape by your grandfather’s hand, they will definitely not forgive your grandfather in this life, and they may even openly turn their faces with your grandfather, or even turn against each other.”
“At that time, what will you do? Your grandfather no longer feels guilty about you, and your mother and sister regard him as an enemy, and even confront him in various ways, or publicly attack him. At that time , You will definitely be implicated!”
“No one will pass on the position of Patriarch to the enemy’s son, the enemy’s brother…”
Thinking of this, Su Zhifei suddenly became upset!
It was also at this moment that the balance in his heart changed a little.
So, he subconsciously took out his phone and called Su Chengfeng, who was anxiously looking for Su Shoudao’s whereabouts.
Su Chengfeng was bored at this time.
His eldest son, Su Shoudao, has been missing in the morning for more than 12 hours.
In these 12 hours, he had not found any valuable clues.
Su Shoudao, just like his younger brother Su Shoude, seemed to evaporate directly from the world.

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