The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2790

After hanging up the phone, Su Chengfeng felt black for a while.
Su Anshun on the side hurried forward and asked cautiously: “Master… Du Haiqing and Missy, have they really returned to Du’s house?!”
Su Chengfeng rubbed his temples, nodded weakly, and sighed: “Anshun, things seem to have gone to the worst…”
Su An asked quickly: “Master, why are you saying this?”
Su Chengfeng sighed: “Hey…All of this is extremely consistent with my worst assumptions before. Things have begun to develop in the direction I least want to see. The Su family is really going to meet the big people this time. Trouble!”
Su Anshun asked in surprise: “Master… you guessed that their mothers would be fine?”
“Yes…” Su Chengfeng rubbed his temples and said weakly: “I thought that even if their wives were rescued, it would be difficult for them to survive such a serious car accident. Maybe the other party would take them away. At the time, there were already two corpses, but it was unexpected that they would actually survive, and the other party put them back. This proves that the mysterious person behind not only has hands and eyes open to the sky, but also stood by them. By my mother’s side…”
Su Anshun asked again: “Then…Is this mysterious person related to the disappearance of the young master and the second young master?!”
Su Chengfeng nodded: “There must be a relationship!”
Su Anshun’s expression was shocked, and he said: “Master, we have investigated Jinling before. There is nothing in Jinling for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It is nothing more than a few local companies and families, and Chen Zekai from the Ye family. How could it be possible to cultivate such a powerful person? Even the Ye Family didn’t have this ability. If the Ye Family really had this ability, after Ye Changying died, they wouldn’t have been crushed and beaten by the Su Family for so many years. Up!”
Su Chengfeng’s expression was dignified, and he said coldly: “I now suspect that this mysterious person is not from Jinling at all, and may not even be from China!”
“What?!” Su Anshun was even more horrified: “It’s not from China? Where would it be? Is it from abroad?! It can’t always be the Rothschild family? The Rothschild family hates the Ye family. Yes, under this circumstance, it is impossible for them to deal with us at all, because once our strength is weakened, the Ye Family will definitely be strengthened…How could the Rothschild family sit back and watch the Ye family fishermen gain?”
After that, Su Anshun continued to analyze: “Ye Changying’s wife’s family is indeed very powerful, but in my impression, An Jia has always looked down upon Ye Family. Back then, An Jia’s pearl of the hand married Ye Family, An Jia It is said to be very angry.”
Su Chengfeng waved his hand and sighed: “It’s not the Rothschild family or Anjia, but the Japanese Chinese!”
“Japanese Chinese?!” Su Anshun was even more surprised: “Master, the largest family in Japan is the Ito family. Among the top four families, there are no Chinese families, and even the Ito family, which is ranked number one in Japan, does not. Our overall strength is strong.”
“You don’t understand.” Su Chengfeng said: “This strength does not necessarily refer to economic strength, but strength in force!”
After talking, Su Chengfeng said again: “At the beginning, Zhifei and Zhiyu were kidnapped by the Matsumoto family in Japan. Several top ninjas guarded them. After they wanted to kill them, they would throw their corpses to Ito Takehiko’s residence in Kyoto. The plan was designed to be seamless, but in the end these top ninjas were killed by a Chinese youth who didn’t know where they came from…”

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