The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2808

As soon as the check was taken out, He Yingquan on the side was startled.
This amount is indeed a bit scary.
Can match the previous two-year salary of the entire He family.
Moreover, the He family is now at the time when it is most short of money. The billions of dollars makes He Yingquan excited and intolerable.
He Hongsheng was also frightened by this amount.
Grandpa Su gave one billion in cash with a wave of his hand. This was indeed what he hadn’t thought of.
However, he also knew very well in his heart, how could the Su family’s money be so easy to take?
You can think of it with your toenails, and the money is by no means free.
So instead of picking up the check, he asked, “Anshun, I wonder why Master Su asked you to bring this check.”
Su Anshun said seriously: “Old Ho, the master said, he feels guilty for the He family, and hopes to compensate the He family. In addition, he also hopes to have the opportunity to continue to maintain the previous cooperative relationship with the He family. Therefore, his old man specifically confessed to me and asked me to convey to you that if the He family is willing to resume cooperation with the Su family, then the annual salary will be directly increased to 2 billion. If the He family is not willing, it does not matter. This one billion, just Quan should be his compensation to the He family!” m.
He Hongsheng was suddenly a little surprised.
He expected that the Su family would definitely hope to continue to cooperate with the He family, but he didn’t expect that the price of Su’s father would almost quadruple the previous basis.
Two billion cash a year, what is this concept?
Calculated at a price-earnings ratio of 20 times, a listed company with a market capitalization of 40 billion has a profit of 2 billion year-round.
In the domestic stock market, most companies have a P/E ratio of more than 50 times.
In other words, in many group companies with a market value of 100 billion yuan, tens of thousands of people are busy with their lives, and their profits in one year are only 2 billion.
And as long as the He family returns to the Su family’s embrace, they will immediately receive an annual salary of 2 billion. This is simply a golden brick from the sky!
For a moment, He Hongsheng was dumbfounded, and He Yingquan on the side was already excited and unbearable!
He felt that this was an excellent opportunity that the He family dared not dream of. As long as he seized this opportunity, the He family would surely be able to soar into the sky.
With this generous income, the future He family may be able to become the number one martial arts family in the country!
And he is destined to become the next Patriarch of the nation’s No. 1 martial arts family!
Since then, both myself and He’s family can soar into the sky!
He Hongsheng was also more or less excited.
Although he knew that his daughter He Yingxiu went to Jinling to meet the Ye Family Young Master, presumably the Ye Family also wanted to cooperate with the He Family, but he believed that the Ye Family would definitely not be able to offer such a high price to the He Family.
This is two billion a year!
Only at this moment did he understand that, in fact, many times, a person’s bottom line will change.
Sometimes, I think my bottom line is very clear and my attitude is very determined. That means there is no temptation to encounter strong enough.
Once this temptation surpassed one’s own psychological expectations, and even directly gave himself a super deterrent, no bottom line would exist at this moment.
It is true that the Su Family’s abandonment of Su Ruoli, and even the behavior of betraying Su Ruoli, really made He Hongsheng angry.
That kind of anger is like an endless forest fire, raging, and it is impossible to extinguish it with ordinary force.
However, when he heard the price of 2 billion, the anger in his heart seemed to be greatly calmed down in an instant.
It was like a sudden tsunami that swept across the burning forest just now with extremely fast speed and great energy.
How fierce the forest fire is.

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