The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2812

At this time, He Yingxiu did not rest.
She and her daughter lay on the bed in the Jinling Buckingham Palace Hotel, chatting non-stop.
He Yingxiu was in a very good mood at this time.
This is something I haven’t had in so many years.
To her today, it was more unexpected than God’s favor and Bodhisattva’s blessing.
The daughter is still alive, and her cultivation has made a huge breakthrough, and she has even become the first person in the He family in a hundred years.
Even the handicapped myself got a great opportunity.
Moreover, Ye Chen also promised to give the He family five pills and 100 million yuan a year. This is definitely the most rare and precious opportunity for the He family in hundreds of years.
Originally, she couldn’t wait to rush back and tell her father.
However, after all I haven’t seen my daughter for so long, it can be said that I have experienced parting.
Therefore, she plans to stay in Jinling to accompany Ruoli tonight, and then return to Mocheng tomorrow morning.
After all, before the mother and daughter, there were too many thoughtful things to say.
At this time, Su Ruoli was vividly depicting with his mother the situation when Ye Chen rescued himself at sea.
He Yingxiu looked at her daughter’s excited expression like a girl, and she couldn’t help feeling: “This Ye Chen can turn her unsmiling and extremely cold daughter into the appearance of the cheerful and shy girl today. The charm is so great. One can’t imagine…”
“However, this is good for Ruoli. She was too cold before. She was trained to become a cold-blooded killer in Su’s house. She was completely reduced to a killing machine. She can see her recover what a normal girl should have. Looks like, my mother as a mother feels much more relieved…”
At this moment, He Yingxiu’s cell phone rang suddenly.
She smiled and said to Su Ruoli: “Ruoli, pass mom’s mobile phone to mom.”
Su Ruoli hurriedly stretched out his hand, took off the charging mobile phone from the bedside table, looked down, and found that the name of the call was his father, and suddenly said in surprise: “Mom, grandpa is calling!”
“Really?” He Yingxiu said hurriedly: “Your grandpa must have something important to call so late. Give it to me.”
Su Ruoli nodded and reminded: “Mom, don’t forget that we promised Ye Gongzi not to disclose my situation to the outside world. Don’t miss it later!”

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