The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2817

After all, that person had saved Su Zhiyu twice.
If Su Zhiyu is able to protect himself, then his safety will be a little more guaranteed.
So, after he praised Su Anshun, he immediately began to arrange a special plane.
There are more than 100 people in the He family, and a medium-to-large passenger plane can transport them all at once. As for the bus, I am afraid that at least four buses must be prepared, and one or two more trucks will be required to transport luggage and materials.
Su Chengfeng arranged for his subordinates to prepare passenger planes on the one hand, buses, trucks and other vehicles on the one hand, and strive to set off from Mocheng with his family at ten o’clock tomorrow.
In this case, you can reach Suzhou and Hangzhou before dark.
At this time, He Hongsheng didn’t dare to delay tomorrow’s plan. He had already started to inform the entire He family and began to pack his own luggage.
The whole He family suddenly became busy late at night.
Su Anshun stayed in the guest room, listening to the sound of people walking around, listening to the movement of things next door, and was very satisfied.
He knew that this time, Master Su was a little confused, but fortunately, he kept the He family firmly within the 2 billion quotation. This should be a credit. After returning, the master will naturally have it. Expressed.
This night, Su An fell asleep to the sound of the ding ding ding around, and she slept particularly securely. Remember for a second
He Hongsheng and He Yingquan, as well as several other core members of the He family, were almost sleepless all night. Everyone had their own thoughts. Except for He Hongsheng, everyone else had already begun to figure out that they could get a share of the annual income of 2 billion. How much you get, and how to use it after you get it.
At six o’clock in the morning, the sky in the east had begun to light up gradually.
There was a night of snow last night, and the entire Mocheng was almost completely covered by snow.
Due to the cold weather in this small city, most people spend more than half of the year at home for winter holidays. This time is also very quiet, and there are hardly any people in the street.
At this moment, in the southern sky, a helicopter came quickly.
He Yingxiu sat in this helicopter, looking anxiously at Mocheng, which was less than a hundred kilometers away.
In her arms, holding two blood-saving heart-saving pills given by Ye Chen.
She believes that if Rao is the father and the Su family reunited, no matter how strong the belief is, as long as the father takes one of them, he will immediately change his mind.
When there were still more than ten kilometers away from the He’s mansion, she said to the pilot: “Brother, please find a suitable place to land one or two kilometers away from the compound, so that you won’t be discovered by someone who is interested.”
Helicopters are rarely seen in small cities, so they are bound to attract attention.
It doesn’t matter if others pay attention. He Yingxiu’s main concern is that Su Anshun, who lives in He’s home, will find out.
If he finds out that he came back in a helicopter, he will most likely become suspicious, so as to verify the origin of the helicopter. If he finds clues to the Ye family, it will definitely be a problem in the future.
As long as he doesn’t find a helicopter, even if he sees himself in his house, he will not be too suspicious.
When the pilot heard this, he hurriedly said: “Ms. He, on the map, I can’t find a suitable landing place in the city, but the distance outside the city is a bit far away. Do you have any good suggestions?
He Yingxiu said: “There is a river about 1.5 kilometers southeast of He’s family. The river is completely frozen in winter. When I saw the troops engaged in training a few years ago, the tanks ran on the ice and the helicopters There must be no problem either.”
The pilot nodded: “In such a cold day, the river must be able to bear it. Then I will just land on the river as you said!”

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