The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2819

At this point, He Hongsheng’s heart couldn’t help but become vigilant.
He suddenly turned around, and the internal force in his body had been raised from his dantian to his hands, in case he needed an emergency shot.
However, when he turned around, he realized that the person walking towards him was indeed his daughter, He Yingxiu.
He Yingxiu at this time seems to be the same as when he left yesterday.
However, when He Hongsheng felt it carefully, he felt that He Yingxiu today seems to be very different from yesterday!
This kind of contradictory feeling is like seeing the same pool of water after a day, and it still looks like the same size and same ancient well.
But today I feel that this same pool of water seems to be much deeper than yesterday!
He subconsciously asked: “Yingxiu, you…how are you…”
He Yingxiu hurriedly interrupted him and said, “Dad, can I talk to you in private?”
As soon as He Yingxiu spoke, He Hongsheng immediately felt that this daughter, her own control of breath is indeed much more subtle. Don’t look at just saying a word, but only the involuntary control of He Yingxiu’s breath when speaking can be seen. She is no longer what she used to be.
So, he temporarily suppressed the surprise in his heart, and hurriedly said: “Go, go to my study!”
He Yingxiu followed her father, and the two hurried to the study in the backyard.
On the way, I just met He Yingquan, He Yingxiu’s eldest brother. He Yingquan was about to say hello to her father. He suddenly saw He Yingxiu by his side. She was surprised and asked, “Yingxiu, Dad didn’t say you went to Jiaodong Peninsula yesterday. When did you come back? !”
He Yingxiu quickly replied: “Brother, I just came back, and I have something to communicate with Dad.”
He Yingquan’s cultivation is not much different from He Yingxiu’s, or even slightly inferior, so he can’t see the changes in He Yingxiu’s body.
He felt that He Yingxiu’s sudden comeback must have something to do with his father’s promise of cooperation with the Su family.
He guessed that as Su Ruoli’s mother, He Yingxiu would definitely not want the He family to continue cooperating with the Su family, so she came back in a hurry, it must be to block this cooperation.
So he hurriedly said: “Dad, there are only a few hours left before departure. Let’s hurry up and prepare. Have all your things packed up? If they are not packed, I will arrange for someone to go there and give it to you. You help!”
He Hongsheng said: “I’m almost done packing, you can go to work first, I have something to talk about with Yingxiu.”
He Ying said in a hurry: “Dad, don’t take too long. We can’t afford to delay the Su family. We have said that we will start at ten o’clock, and I estimate that we have to start loading the car at seven or eight o’clock.”
He Hongsheng knew the meaning of He Yingquan’s words. He was afraid that he would change his mind after talking with his daughter He Yingxiu.
He Hongsheng is indeed very guilty for his daughter He Yingxiu, but he is also very clear that he cannot change his mind at all, because this is of great significance to the He family. As the head of the He family, he is not allowed to be inspiring.
So he said to He Yingquan: “You should prepare, or start loading your luggage at eight o’clock as planned, and the whole family will leave on time at ten o’clock.”
He Yingquan was relieved when he heard this, and said with a smile: “That’s OK, Dad, I’ll make arrangements now.”
He Yingxiu did not speak on the side, but he also heard some subtleties in the dialogue between his father and elder brother. He smiled helplessly and thought to himself: “Dad seems to be determined to cooperate with the Su family now. I’m afraid that after waiting ten minutes, he will personally break his own personal setting…”

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