The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2825

On the contrary, he is very likely to directly package and sell the entire He family to the Su family, and then he takes the huge sum of money given by the Su family and runs out to enjoy his life.
In that case, the entire He family will become a tool for him to earn money.
Instead of this, it would be better to find a way to live a few more years and personally lead the He family further.
If he burns out his last energy and can push the He family to the position of the nation’s number one martial arts family, then he will die without regret!
At this point, he finally made up his mind and said to He Yingxiu: “Yingxiu, you are right, letting the He family go higher and farther is our most important mission! Since Master Ye gave us such a coveted good fortune, Then he will be the only one to look forward to in the future of my He family!”
He Yingxiu hurriedly asked, “Dad, did you agree to cooperate with Ye Shaoye?!”
He Hongsheng said firmly: “Master Ye gave the god pill, and I have already taken one. How can I go back at this time?”
He Yingxiu said excitedly: “That’s great! It’s really great! As long as we wholeheartedly cooperate with Ye Shaoye, what Ye Shaoye can bring to us is by no means as simple as five divine pills and 100 million cash every year! I believe that Master Ye will not only make the He family the number one martial arts family in the country, but also make the He family surpass the martial arts family and become a stronger existence!”
He Hongsheng subconsciously asked: “Yingxiu, you said that you surpass the martial arts family and become a stronger existence. What is this stronger existence?”
He Yingxiu shook her head and said calmly: “I don’t know. I originally thought that martial arts masters should be the strongest in melee combat. But when I met Master Ye yesterday, I felt that we are just frogs at the bottom of the well, martial arts. We don’t even understand what the vast world is outside the well…”
He Hongsheng couldn’t help asking: “Then what do you think, what kind of strength does that Master Ye have?”
He Yingxiu said truthfully: “I can’t see the true strength of Ye Shaoye…”
He Hongsheng asked again: “Then do you think this Master Ye is a few levels higher than us?”
“How many levels?” He Yingxiu hesitated, and suddenly remembered something her daughter Su Ruoli had told herself.
The reason why Su Ruoli was able to achieve great success in his Ren Vessel was not because he had taken the god pill given by Ye Chen.
According to her daughter, Ye Chen just numbered her meridians, and seemed to use internal force to walk around in her meridians and directly help her achieve Renmai Dacheng.
This is equivalent to a height that most people can hardly reach for a lifetime of cultivation. For Ye Chen, it is just a matter of giving the opponent a pulse, and he can easily elevate the opponent directly to that height.
Just moving your fingers is worth the effort of others for a lifetime. How many levels are there between?
Maybe it can’t be explained by the level alone, right?
Thinking of this, she looked at her father and said seriously: “Dad, if you really let me say, it may be the same gap between Monkey King and Buddha Tathagata… Monkey King seems to have extraordinary abilities, but even Buddha Tathagata Even the Wuzhishan of Wuzhishan couldn’t escape. In my opinion, the gap between us and Master Ye is just like this…”
He Hongsheng was shocked when he heard it, and his voice tremblingly asked: “Dang…really there is such a gap?!”
He Yingxiu nodded without hesitation and said, “Dad, in my opinion, it is true!”
He Hongsheng couldn’t help asking: “Since this Young Master Ye has such an ability, where would we be seen?”
He Yingxiu smiled bitterly and said, “Dad, I blamed me for not clarifying what I said. In fact, Master Ye was not looking for me this time to win over the He family.”
He Hongsheng exclaimed: “What?! Not to win over the He family, what is that for?!”
He Yingxiu thought of her precious daughter Su Ruoli, and smiled bitterly in her heart: “In fact, everything was saved by Young Master Ye if she died. Young Master Ye feels distressed that she has not been able to meet my mother, so she came forward and invited me to Jinling and Jinling. The daughter is reunited, all these good things are just because he takes care of me and the He family for the sake of her daughter’s face…”
However, she thought that she had promised that Ye Chen could not tell her daughter’s things, so she had no choice but to say: “Dad, there are some things that I promised that Master Ye can’t say, so you don’t have to ask, you just need to know, Ye The young master asked us to cooperate not because he really fancyed our ability, but wanted to give us a good luck…”

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