The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2827

He felt that the power of the medicine was continuously draining the pulse, but there was still no sign of breaking through the pulse. Seeing that the power of the medicine was mostly broken and there was not much left, pessimism was unavoidable in his heart.
But when the medicinal power was only less than 20% left, he suddenly felt that the spiritual platform was clear, and the whole person had entered an unprecedented state of detachment, as if he had just woke up from a good sleep that he had never slept in his entire life. It’s uncomfortable and relaxed.
He was astonished for a moment, and then he was immediately excited, and said excitedly: “Breakthrough! Yingxiu! Dad really broke through!”
“Really, Dad! Great! It’s… Great!”
When He Yingxiu heard this, she was immediately excited. Seeing his father’s spirited expression, she felt extremely relieved in her heart, and tears burst into her eyes for a while.
She knew that breaking through the four meridians was her father’s lifelong dream.
Originally, everyone, including my father, thought that this day could not come, but they didn’t expect that today would really come true!
When He Yingxiu burst into tears, He Hongsheng also wetted his eyes.
He trembled and choked: “I really don’t think that He Hongsheng will have one day to break through the four meridians, and finally worthy of the ancestors of our He family…”
After all, the emotions are even more excited, and the old tears are already running.
He Yingxiu asked hurriedly, “Dad, how much do you have through the fourth meridian now?!”
He Hongsheng said: “Only 10% is passed, but there must be a chance to continue to improve in the future! After all, the Ren Vessel has already become a great success, and the Du Vessel has also increased from 50% to 70%. The Ren Du Vessel is the top priority of cultivation. It is tantamount to further consolidating the foundation for future cultivation, and later cultivation will get twice the result with half the effort!”
He Yingxiu nodded repeatedly and said excitedly: “I see that your physical condition and mental outlook have improved a lot after taking the second divine pill. It is not a dream to want you to live a long life, and you will definitely be able to continue to improve your cultivation in the future. , May be able to break through to the fifth meridian and create a new height in Hejia!”
He Hongsheng said with emotion: “If I really had that day, I would really die without regrets!”
After all, he hurriedly said: “Yingxiu, your current cultivation level has also been greatly improved, and your talents have always been smart. Although you have lost an arm and your actual combat ability has indeed been affected a lot, there is actually room for improvement in your cultivation level. There is no discount. In my opinion, you might as well pick up your cultivation again, and you will definitely have a new breakthrough!”
He Yingxiu fell silent all at once.
In fact, she has never completely given up on martial arts practice.
It’s just that she is no longer devoted to cultivation as she did when she was young.
The way of martial arts is very similar to that of professional athletes.
If you really want to make a difference, you must first put martial arts in the most important position in your life, 24 hours a day, at least half of the time is spent on systematic and hard training, before you have a chance to succeed.
Just like a table tennis player, people start to train frantically when the table is still high. They can’t reach their peak state until they are in their twenties. During this period, you must ensure that you train with high strength, rain or shine.
Since He Yingxiu was injured, he has gone from being a professional athlete to being a retired athlete. Most of his energy is taking care of Su Ruoli every day, and he has too little time to train.
Although it can squeeze out two or three hours a day for training, it is far from the requirements of professional athletes.
This time, her father asked her to pick it up again, and he meant to restore her to the professional athlete-like training method.
In fact, she also wanted to train as hard as her father said, but when she thought that she had promised Ye Chen to go to Jinling and had to guard her daughter Su Ruoli, she said to He Hongsheng: “Dad, Master Ye said, if so If you agree to cooperate, I need to take the ten best masters of the He family to Jinling to listen to his orders at any time. It is estimated that it will be difficult for me to train as intensively as before.”
As she said, she said busy again: “But I will spend as much time as possible on cultivation, don’t worry about this!”

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