The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2831

Su Anshun was holding a bowl of large porridge, while sucking into his mouth, while chewing on the slightly hard corn mash with relish, he said something in his mouth: “When I think of the porridge made from this large-grain hodgepodge, there is something different. Flavor.”
After speaking, he picked up a fist-sized meat bun and bit it down. While his mouth was full of oil, he also bit out the meat that was bigger than a ping-pong ball inside.
“It’s delicious, delicious!” Su Anshun looked relish, and he was very happy.
This time I came out, I quickly and smoothly completed the task that the master confided, and helped the master solve the urgent need, which can be regarded as a triumphant victory.
Therefore, it is natural to be in a good mood.
He is only waiting for the arrival of the convoy and taking the He family to Suzhou and Hangzhou. By then, the master will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.
Thinking positively, He Hongsheng and He Yingxiu walked over quickly.
As soon as Su Anshun looked up and saw the two of them, he was a little surprised and smiled flatteringly: “Oh, how old! Ouch! Yingxiu is back too! It’s great! This time I can invite Yingxiu to come out again. Master, he will be very happy!”
Su Anshun didn’t look down on the He family too much. In his eyes, the He family were just the subordinates of the Su family, and they were only subordinates who could gain a foothold by fighting.
As for myself, although he is also a subordinate, at least he is also the top spot among subordinates.
In other words, the Su family has so many dogs, and he is the most noble one.
However, he only took a look at He Yingxiu, because after all, He Yingxiu was a woman from Su Shoudao, the young master of the Su family. Although she was not well-known, she had at least given birth to a daughter for Su Shoudao, so he was naturally more polite to He Yingxiu. .
More importantly, Du Haiqing, Su Shoudao’s wife, has made up his mind to divorce Su Shoudao, and after the car accident planned by her father, she will definitely draw a clear line with the Su family. In this way, He Yingxiu will be able to speak up. Where is it now!
In case Su Shoudao returns someday, maybe there will be a follow-up with He Yingxiu.
It is precisely because of this that Su Anshun has a somewhat flattering meaning to He Yingxiu.
When He Yingxiu saw Su Anshun, he greeted him coldly and warmly: “Hello, Steward Su.”
Su Anshun smiled, hurriedly said, “Yingxiu, we have not seen each other for some years.”
He Yingxiu nodded: “Yes, it’s been some years.”
Su Anshun smiled and said, “It’s really an unexpected surprise to think that even you will come out of the mountain again this time!”
He Hongsheng on the side said lightly: “Anshun, please report to Master Su after you go back. The He family can’t cooperate with the Su family this time. Please forgive Master Su.”
Su Anshun heard this and asked dumbfounded: “Old Ho, which one are you singing?! The bus convoy is coming soon!”
He Hongsheng handed the one-billion-yuan check back to Su Anshun’s hand, and said seriously: “I have already said very clearly. The He family cannot cooperate with the Su family this time. In other words, we will not go to Su Hang So, please take this money back to Master Su, please.”
Su Anshun was anxious all of a sudden and blurted out: “Hey old, you can’t go back and forth! Let’s say it all, how can we change as we say it changes?”
At this time, He Hongsheng’s eldest son, He Yingquan, also grumbled: “Dad! Manager Su is right. Our He family has always kept our promises. We never break our words, let alone turn back this time!”
He Hongsheng said coldly: “Yingquan, you don’t have to try to persuade me here, I have decided, and I will never change it!”
After all, he looked at Su Anshun, clasped his fists, and said: “Anshun, wait for the car to come in a while, please trouble you to go back with the car yourself, the old man is here, I am extremely sorry!”

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