The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2834

At this time, He Hongsheng was in the ancestral hall, inserting three sticks of incense in front of his biological father’s ranking.
The He Family Ancestral Hall enshrines nearly a hundred ancestors, and most of them are people who have made significant contributions to the He Family.
Among them, the one with the lowest qualifications is He Hongsheng’s biological father.
Therefore, he respected the incense one by one from top to bottom, and respected his father as the last one.
His hand had just inserted the three incense sticks that he had ignited into the incense burner, and before he could withdraw his hands from the incense burner. Hearing the cry of the youngest son outside the ancestral hall, he was shocked for an instant. The three sticks of incense broke all at once.
Seeing this, He Yingxiu hurriedly asked with concern: “Dad, are you okay?!”
He Hongsheng closed his eyes and was silent for a moment before he gave a wry smile and said, “Nothing, it’s not unexpected for your eldest brother to do such a thing.”
As he said, he said with emotion: “To borrow a famous saying from a great man, it is going to rain, and my mother wants to marry someone. Let him go.”
He Yingxiu wanted to say something, but when the words reached his lips, he swallowed abruptly.
The eldest brother took away forty or fifty family members this time, which is equivalent to taking away half of the He family. I have to say that this is bound to be a major loss to the He family.
Although they insisted on leaving, if the old man came forward, with the majesty and strength of the old man, even if he stayed forcibly, he could keep them all.
However, she changed her mind and thought again.
“Since these people can be deceived by money, what’s the point of keeping them?”
“Leaving these forty or fifty people is equivalent to leaving forty or fifty. I don’t know when the gunpowder bag will explode.”
“It will not benefit the He family in the future, it will only leave more and more hidden dangers.”
“On the contrary, this time through the temptation of money, we can directly eliminate all those people who are not enough for the family. It will be a good thing for the future He family.”
For He Yingxiu, she knew very well that the current He family, after the drastic changes this morning, is no longer what it used to be.
The old man successfully opened up the fourth meridian, and his cultivation was in line with the ancestor who had the highest cultivation of He Jiashu over the past century. Among the four major martial arts families, there is no one else.
Coupled with the help of Ye Shaoye, a superb nobleman behind him, the He family will surely develop rapidly in the future.
Before taking off, removing those hidden dangers is to help the He family clean up the garbage and lay a better foundation in the future.
He Hongsheng actually thinks so too.
He opened his mouth and said to He Yingxiu: “Yingxiu, tell Yingdong not to interfere with anyone who wants to leave. Whoever wants to leave, let him go, and then let him tell those who stayed and let them all They all waited for me in the main hall. After I have worshipped the ancestors, there are important things to announce.”
“Yingxiu understands!”
He Yingxiu hurried out of the ancestral hall and said to He Yingdong, who was standing at the door with an anxious face, “Yingdong, Dad asked me to tell you that whoever wants to leave, let him go. If you don’t want to go, all wait in the main hall.”
He Yingdong hurriedly said: “Sister! Big brother has pulled 40 or 50 family members this time. This is almost half of our He family. If we let them go like this, once it spreads to our He family, it will definitely fall out of the country. The sequence of the four major martial arts families…”
He Yingxiu smiled and said seriously: “Yingdong, what you are talking about may not be true. The people who walked today are likely to be a good thing for us and our family, just like cancer. Once a person’s lungs develop If he has a malignant tumor the size of a fingernail, the doctor will advise him to remove the entire lung lobe. It is not a bad thing to cut it off, on the contrary, it is a big good thing.”
“But…” He Ying rushed: “Sister, I understand all the so-called great principles you said, but you also said that if a tumor is found in the lung, it is enough to cut a piece of lung lobe. Five lung lobes, one cut off will not have a big effect, but two and three pieces should be cut off? Wouldn’t you have to live on oxygen in the future?”
Seeing that he admits death, He Yingxiu immediately gave up normal communication with him, and directly cursed: “Where do you come from so much nonsense? If you ask you to go back and convey it, then you will obediently go back and convey the nonsense. Believe it or not, I kick you back?”
After that, she made a gesture to kick.
He Yingdong originally wanted to argue with his sister, but he immediately gave up all thoughts when he heard this, and hurriedly responded obediently, “Can’t I go now?”
After speaking, the dingy ran back.
At this time, the forty or fifty people of the He family who were willing to follow He Yingquan to Suzhou and Hangzhou had already begun loading their luggage.
Among them, there are He Hongsheng’s second brother, a family of He Yingquan’s second uncle, He Yingquan’s own brother He Yingfei and his family, and He Yingquan’s cousin and He Hongsheng’s cousin’s family.

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