The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2838

Just when He Ying was full of resentment, someone in the car shouted angrily: “The He family has announced to the public that anyone who leaves will not be allowed to go back!”
For a while, everyone was shocked
They didn’t think that they had abandoned the He family and climbed another high branch, but they didn’t think that the He family gave them a trick to draw their salaries.
Now they are abandoned sons of the He family
Old man Su who is far away in Suzhou and Hangzhou is also very depressed
This morning, he heard almost all bad news one after another.
At first, He Hongsheng suddenly turned back
Then, it was He Hongsheng who suddenly became the first person in martial arts in China
The most painful thing is that something that originally belongs to you becomes better after it doesn’t belong to you.
For example, if a girl once looked down on an ex-boyfriend who suddenly became a master after a breakup, and then married Bai Fumi, the girl might be depressed for a lifetime.
Although Su Chengfeng has no love for He Hongsheng, He Hongsheng was originally a subordinate of the Su family and served the Su family. To put it ugly, he is a dog of the Su family.
But now, he has turned against the Su family, and his strength has doubled after turning against the head. How can this not be depressing?
Su Chengfeng now feels that the world seems to be against himself
I wanted to betray Su Ruoli, but Su Ruoli just disappeared. The Japanese ran through the coast of Japan, and they couldn’t find her.
I wanted to kill Du Haiqing, but Du Haiqing was rescued by a powerful mysterious man. I wanted to kill her to protect the reputation of the family, but I didn’t think that the reputation of the family was not successfully maintained. On the contrary, I became infamous and embarrassed. Everyone yells and beats a rat crossing the street
Now there is such a big movement in the He family, it makes him feel extremely uncomfortable.
In addition to these, his second son and eldest son have disappeared one after another, and the Chinese master who saved his grandchildren in Japan has also become a huge potential threat to him.
Thinking of this, Su Chengfeng muttered to himself with extreme depression: “I lifted a rock by myself and smashed my own foot. A rock fell from the sky, and the fucking smashed my own foot. There was a master in the dark, who kept moving. Picking up a rock and smashing it on my feet, I tossed and tossed and tossed, except for loss or loss, no benefits were obtained. What the hell is this?”
Being upset, his phone rang suddenly
The call was an unfamiliar call from Jinling
He hurriedly connected, only to hear a man on the other end said coldly: “I have arrived in Jinling. This is my latest contact method. Within the next seven days, I will stay in Jinling and try to find what you are looking for. If you can’t find him within seven days, I will go back to the UK directly. The deposit you paid will not be refunded!”
When Su Chengfeng heard this voice, he blurted out with excitement: “Oh, Master Xuan! You have finally arrived in Jinling! You must be very tired after traveling all the way from the UK? Would you like to rest in Jinling for a few days?”
The other party said coldly: “No, I will start to do things right away, you can tell me if you have any valuable clues.”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly said: “Master Xuan, things have made a little progress. I didn’t have any clues about the mysterious person, but now I probably know that this person is of Japanese Chinese descent, and he is not very old, at most 27. He is about eight years old, but his strength is extraordinary. It is said that even the Japanese ninja is not his opponent. He can deal with several by himself! Master Xuan, be careful!”
The other party said disdainfully: “What’s so great about Japanese ninjas? It’s like someone who has killed a ninja. I think there was a Japanese ninja who had offended me back then. He is really strong. I will definitely not be his opponent when facing head-on. So what? He didn’t know it, so he was poisoned by the poison I raised, and in his sleep he cut open his own stomach with a ninja knife. When he died, his internal organs flowed out. It is said that his wife saw at the time, I was scared to death”
Su Chengfeng said in surprise: “I have long heard that Master Xuan’s methods are extraordinary. Since you have such skills, then Su can be completely relieved. I am waiting for the good news of Master Xuan’s victory in Suhang!”
The other party snorted and said: “I declare that someone likes killing people invisible, and likes to kill masters the most. I like to see those so-called masters who die unclearly in my hands, but they continue to die. I don’t know why I died. This feeling, like a god, can control everything!”

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