The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2847

So, she put away her manuscript indifferently, and rubbed her cheeks with a cold and even stiff expression.
After trying to make herself look natural, she said, “Brother, come in, the door is locked.”
Su Zhifei hurriedly pushed in.
As soon as he entered, he immediately locked the door and then looked at Su Zhiyu.
Seeing something unusual on her expression, she smiled and said, “Zhiyu, why are you about to hold a release meeting all of a sudden?”
Su Zhiyu said earnestly: “The people all over the country were paying attention to the safety of my mother and me when such a major incident happened in the tunnel. I think it is necessary to explain it publicly so that those kind people who care about us can rest assured.”
“Oh…” Su Zhifei nodded lightly and smiled: “It turns out that it is! You are right. Since the accident happened to you and your mother, the people of the whole country have been paying great attention to your comfort!”
“Moreover, there are still many people who spontaneously go out to look for various valuable clues. There are even people who have set up many analysis groups on the Internet. We work together and analyze the relevant clues of the incident. They are really very enthusiastic!”
“We really need to let them know that you and mom have returned safely!”
“That’s wrong.” Su Zhiyu nodded, pretending to be curious and asked: “By the way, didn’t you go to the stadium to work? It’s just such a thing, it’s worth a special trip to come back?”
Su Zhifei smiled and said, “Hurt! I’m also worried about you. I’m afraid that you are too excited to think about these things when you are about to release the meeting, so come back and see you.”
Su Zhiyu whispered: “Brother, thank you!”
“Brother and sister, what are you doing so politely.”
Su Zhifei patted Su Zhiyu on the head and said, “Oh, yes, what are you going to say at this release meeting?”
Su Zhiyu casually said: “In fact, there are a lot of things to say, I have summarized it, basically three points.”
“The first point is definitely to tell everyone that my mother and I have returned safely, so that everyone can rest assured.”
“The second point is to tell everyone that we were saved by a mysterious benefactor and he also gave us high-level medical care. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to thank my benefactor, and on the other hand, it is to eliminate the curiosity of the majority of netizens. I guess Many people must want to know how we survived such a serious car accident.”
“As for the third point, I want to explain my attitude towards this matter. After all, people all over the country know that this matter was done by the Su family and even controlled by Grandpa. I want to talk to him at the release meeting. , Let him come forward to apologize, and take the initiative to surrender to the police station, after all, he has been suspected of intentional murder.”
Su Zhifei suddenly became nervous when he heard this, and blurted out: “Zhiyu, what’s the first two points, but this third point, is it a bit more radical?”
“Aggressive?” Su Zhiyu asked her elder brother back: “He attacked my mother and almost killed our mothers! I just asked him to apologize and accept legal sanctions. This is considered aggressive? Then what he did is counted. What? Ruthless, inferior to animals?”
Su Zhifei was embarrassed and said: “Zhiyu, you have to know that he is your grandfather after all, and among so many younger brothers and sisters, he loves you the most! Look at the name he gave us, which one is not I have placed a lot of his requirements? Only you, he hopes you can be happy, nothing else matters…”
Su Zhiyu looked at Su Zhifei, deeply disappointed.
At this moment, she could already confirm that her brother was actually standing with the murderer, grandpa.
However, she did not express her disappointment, but nodded slightly, and said calmly: “Brother, I admit what you said, but you must be fair and objective when you behave!”
“So, many things must be like sorting things, one is one, one yard is one yard!”
“It’s not because he was nice to me before, I can forgive the fact that he wanted to kill my mother!”

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