The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2876

Chen Zekai was very puzzled and asked, “You said, why didn’t Miss Su take this opportunity to give Su Chengfeng a big shot? Her live broadcast today was watched by tens of millions of people on multiple platforms. Give Su Chengfeng the best chance to make a full blow. After today, there will be no such shop in this village.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Don’t be too surprised, she must have her consideration”
At this time, Su Zhiyu has finished the live broadcast, sitting motionless in the study, thinking about the next plan in his mind.
Du Haiqing knocked on the door and said: “Know the fish, come out for dinner”
Su Zhiyu recovered and hurriedly said, “Okay mom, I’ll be here.”
With that, she took out a large stack of legal files from the drawer of the desk and stepped out.
Except for her brother Su Zhifei who had obtained information from Su Chengfeng in advance, everyone in her family still didn’t know what kind of deal Su Zhiyu had reached with Su Chengfeng.
Right now, her family members are all surprised, wondering why she would let Su Chengfeng off in the live broadcast just now.
Even her mother Du Haiqing doesn’t understand
Su Zhiyu saw the family on the table, and he looked a little strange, so he put the pile of legal files on the table and said seriously: “Mom, brother, grandpa, eldest uncle, second uncle, there is something, I never told you before”
Everyone is looking at her at this moment, waiting for her to follow
Su Zhiyu pointed to the legal files and said: “Today, during the day, I reached an agreement with my grandfather. This time I will not attack him at the release meeting, and I will give up the right to take all this to the law. In exchange, he transferred all the shares of the Sujia Ocean Shipping Group to me. The relevant procedures have been completed, and the industrial and commercial changes have also been completed.”
Everyone present was dumbfounded when they heard this.
Except for Su Zhifei who knew everything in advance, everyone else was incredulous!
No one would have thought that Su Zhiyu would be able to bring the entire ocean transportation group from Su Chengfeng at such a small price!
If this is Su Chengfeng’s compensation for her, then this compensation is indeed a bit too big.
Du Haiqing was the first to recover. She thought of Ye Chen’s request to her daughter.
Let her become the head of the Su family within three years
Could this be the first step for her daughter to achieve her goal?
I have to say that her first step is really amazing!
After listening to this, grandfather Du Zhenhua couldn’t help asking: “Zhiyu, what are you going to do?”
Su Zhiyu knows that her real purpose cannot be known to anyone except her mother, especially her brother Su Zhifei.
So she said seriously: “I just want to fight for a little protection for myself.”
After speaking, she looked at Su Zhifei, and said: “Thanks to my brother for reminding me, there is no private property. If I turn my face with the Su family, then I really have nothing. I can’t wait until I get married. At that time, there is no dowry that can be obtained, right? This ocean transportation group is regarded as the compensation given to me by the Su family and the dowry prepared for me in the future.”
Su Zhifei felt so uncomfortable when he heard this.
“I did say something similar to you, but it was to persuade you not to fight against the Su family and not against Grandpa.”
“But I don’t want you to take a knife and run to Grandpa to cut a big piece of meat!”

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