The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2883

Twenty minutes later.
The taxi stopped in front of the largest Fenghuangshan Cemetery in the suburbs of Jinling City.
The cemetery here occupies a few nearby hills and has a huge area. Usually many people come to worship during the day, but at night, you can’t even see a dog here.
After the taxi took the grandson and grandson to the gate of the cemetery, the accelerator slammed far away.
With the dim moonlight, Mike looked at the huge gate of the white marble in front of him, and said nervously: “Grandpa, why doesn’t this place even have a staff member?”
Mai Chengxing shook his head: “I don’t know, this door is closed, and I don’t know if it’s locked, please help me to go over and take a look.”
When the two came to the door, Mike pushed the door, but the iron door didn’t move. Mike hurriedly said, “Grandpa, the door is locked.”
Mai Chengxing frowned and took out his cell phone to make a call to Xuan Fengnian.
At this moment, a middle-aged man wearing a security uniform suddenly walked out of the darkness.
The middle-aged man walked very fast, but his walking posture was a bit strange. It seemed that his limbs and torso were a bit stiff.
Mike suddenly saw a person walking out of the dark. He was shocked. He hurriedly pulled Mai Chengxing to move back, but Mai Chengxing slapped his hand on the back and whispered: “Don’t move!”
After speaking, his eyes were fixed on the security guard.
The security guard walked straight towards the grandfather and grandson, and when he approached him, Mai Chengxing found that the person was black and bleeding, and his whole body suddenly shuddered.
It was the first time for the Mike beside him to encounter such a situation. He was so frightened that he trembled unconsciously.
No matter how he saw this kind of formation, he felt that the security guard seemed to be a dead body, and it was still a tragic corpse.
Mai Chengxing was also horrified in his heart, but fortunately he was also an old world, so the concentration was naturally much stronger than Mike.
So, he fixed his eyes on the security guard, not daring to relax a little, but he didn’t back up to dodge.
At this time, the security guard mechanically took out the key and opened the iron fence door from the inside. After pushing the door open, he didn’t come out. Instead, he looked at the grandparents and grandchildren blankly and waved at them.
Immediately, he said nothing, then turned and walked to the cemetery.
Mike’s frightened legs weakened, and asked Mai Chengxing next to him: “Grandpa, he…what does he mean by beckoning us?”
Mai Chengxing said solemnly: “Let’s follow him in, let’s go, go in and see!”
Mai Chengxing went in and took a look, almost scared Mike’s soul out!
He said in a panic: “Grandpa, I don’t think he is a man or a ghost. We don’t even know what is in it. In my opinion, we can’t just go in!”
Mai Chengxing looked at the stiff back of the security guard, and said lightly: “This person has died a long time ago, but he is just a puppet.”

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