The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2885

Mai Chengxing looked at Mike and explained: “You think things like Gu worms seem to be invisible. It seems very unscientific, but in fact it is very scientific.”
With that, Mai Chengxing further explained: “Gu worms feed on human brains, and they must be fresh human brains. This also means that humans have just died, although human brains have been swallowed and lost by Gu worms. The entire central nervous system, but the body’s functions will not immediately lose its vitality, just like brain-dead people often have a heartbeat and blood circulation.”
“The reason why Gu worms are magical is that after they eat the human brain, they can temporarily take over the human central nervous system and then perform simple manipulation of the human body.”
“It’s like the security guard just now. He is Gu worm controlling him and walking all the way, but because the person is dead and his muscles are constantly rigid, he seems to be very stiff in his actions.”
“You see that he can only walk, open the door, and wave his hands, but he can’t speak. This is mainly because Gu worms themselves cannot control him in depth. They can only do some very simple actions driven by the Gu cultivator’s mind. action.”
Mike looked at the back of the security guard carefully, and hurriedly asked: “Grandpa, can Gu worm control this corpse all the time?”
“Of course not.” Mai Chengxing said solemnly: “Let’s not say that this corpse will gradually stiffen and decay. Just talk about the Gu worm itself. After it has swallowed this person’s brain, even if it enters a dormant state immediately, it can survive at most one. If you don’t eat again within a month, you’ll starve to death.”
Mike exclaimed: “It must eat again within a month. Doesn’t that mean it will kill a person in a month?!”
Mai Chengxing said coldly: “Killing a person a month, or if it has been in a dormant state for the whole month, if the Gu raiser keeps it killing everywhere, then it might have to eat once in a few days… ..”
Mike looked horrified and trembled: “This… Behind every Gu worm is bloody human life! I have never heard of anything more evil than it in my life… ..”
Mai Chengxing sighed, “That’s because you don’t have enough knowledge. There are also things that are evil than Gu worms.”
The grandfather and grandson walked as they talked, and soon reached the depths of the tomb.
At this time, in a clearing halfway up the mountain, a lean old man was sitting cross-legged in the middle.
This person is Xuanfengnian.
Seeing Mai Chengxing and Mike walking up to the front, Xuan Fengnian said, “Mr. Mai, I’m admiring the old man’s name for a long time.”
Mak Chengxing hurriedly bowed his hand: “Master Xuan’s name, the old man has also heard about it for a long time. It is said that Master Xuan is the great master of the British three islands. Half of the Chinese in Europe respects Master Xuan. I saw it today. Same!”
Xuan Fengnian wiped an ugly smile at the corner of his mouth, and immediately said: “Mr. Mai, it is a bit presumptuous to ask you to come here today. The main reason is that my destiny Gu worm followed me here from England. I have been hungry for three days. I really can’t bear to see it go hungry again, so I brought it out to find a bite to eat. Please forgive me, the old man!”
When Mai Chengxing heard that Xuan Fengnian said that the murder was taken lightly as bringing gu worms to find food, he was disgusted with this person to the extreme in his heart.
However, because of the face and the aggressiveness of the other party, he just sneered, avoiding the topic of Gu worms, and said: “This place is sparsely populated, but it is also a good place for business talks. ”
Xuan Fengnian nodded, and said depressedly: “I thought this place is definitely a perfect place for Gu worms to eat at once, but who the hell would have imagined that there is only one security guard in this huge cemetery, and I want to come to this cemetery. The developers of the company are also digging to the extreme!”
Mai Chengxing’s heart shuddered.
He understood what Xuan Fengnian said: “This guy must have thought that there must be at least a few security guards here, and there are some people around, it is a good place to kill, but when he came, he found that there was only one security guard, so he was dissatisfied. “

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