The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2899

Ye Chen’s unquestionable tone and uncompromising threat made Mai Chengxing very nervous.
The most feared thing in his life is getting into trouble. It is a true portrayal of his seventy to eighty years since he became an adult.
This time, if it were not for Lai Qinghua’s chance, I would be really moved, and he would not have been a hundred years old and would go to China to take risks.
But now, seeing that he has provoke Ye Chen such a fierce role, there is only one thing in his mind, which is to withdraw quickly.
As a result, he softened his tone and looked at Ye Chen begging: “Mr. Ye, I am really unfamiliar with that Xuan Fengnian, and I am old, and there are so many problems with my body, so please don’t embarrass me.
Ye Chen didn’t look at him, but said loudly through the door: “Old Chen, prepare the car and send Mr. Mai to visit the dog farm in Hongwu!
Good master! Chen Zekai, who had been standing outside the door, agreed without hesitation when he heard this.
Mai Chengxing’s face turned pale in fright, and he was about to continue begging for mercy when Ye Chen’s cell phone suddenly rang.
Seeing that the call was from the United States, Ye Chen knew that it must be Mr. Lai Qinghua, so he directly pressed the answer button.
On the other side of the phone, Lai Qinghua’s voice came and asked, “Master Ye, I wonder what’s going on with you? Have you caught the Xuanfeng year?
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and said: “Thanks to your old man who is still thinking, Xuan Fengnian hasn’t found it yet. I’m looking for a breakthrough from other people.
When Lai Qinghua heard this, he couldn’t help asking: “The other person Ye Shaoye said should be Mai Chengxing, right?”
Ye Chen said: “It’s him.
At this time, Mai Chengxing’s expression suddenly became extremely horrified.
He, you can’t hear Lai Qinghua’s voice on the phone, but when Ye Chen said just now that he was looking for a breakthrough from other people, he knew that the other people in Ye Chen’s mouth were talking about himself.
And now, Ye Chen said again that it was him. Could it be that the person on the phone also knew him?
Thinking of this, he thought to himself with great nervousness: “I didn’t think that I and this surnamed Ye actually have someone we know in common. I don’t know who this person is?
At this moment, Lai Qinghua said to Ye Chen on the phone: “Master Ye, Lao Mai is my old friend. I still know him well. He is not bad in nature. He is naturally speculative and lacks. Some responsibilities, if something provokes you, Master Ye, please bear with me.
Ye Chen glanced at Mai Chengxing, who was nervous, then turned on the speaker and spoke.
Said: ”
Mr. Lai, your old friend is not just as simple as missing some responsibilities. I have already planned to keep him in Jinling and reflect on it.
Lai Qinghua exclaimed, “Master Ye, what’s the matter? Can you tell me a few words with Lao Mai?
Ye Chen said calmly: “I’m turning on the speaker, so just talk.
Lai Qinghua blurted out: “Old Mai! How are you?
Did you offend Master Ye?
Mai Chengxing subconsciously said: “Lai
! How do you know this Ye Chen?
Lai Qinghua said vaguely: “Ye Shaoye is an old man who has been in his new year.
Mai Chengxing hurriedly pleaded: “Brother Lai, please tell this Young Master Ye clearly that I don’t want to involve him in the affairs of Xuan Fengnian, let him see you and I have known each other for many years. Just let Mike and I leave Jinling!”

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