The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2904

It’s my job to kill the mysterious man. You do your job and want to negotiate terms with me? ”
Mai Chengxing smiled and said: “Master Xuan, as the saying goes, people are not for themselves, and the heavens are destroyed. I came all the way to China to make some money. After all, I have never done this kind of harm before. Things, maybe in the future, my conscience will be disturbed, so I have to make more money to make up for myself.”
After speaking, Mai Chengxing said again: “I have been to China with Mike for several days. I have been looking for all kinds of possible clues before, and there is indeed a lot of hard work.”
Speaking of this, Mai Chengxing turned around and said, “But, Master Xuan, you have just come to Jinling. If I give you the clue today, maybe you will kill that person at night, and then you can pat your butt. Taking money away, in comparison, my money is indeed much harder than Master Xuan!”
Xuan Fengnian asked coldly: “Mr. Mai, listening to what you mean, it seems that you want to share some money from me?”
Mai Chengxing smiled and said, “Oh, Master Xuan, I don’t mean that. I just want to meet you and have a chat, and see how much you take from the Su family alone, and how much we two take from the Su family. .”
“Then combined with the time we came to Jinling and the time you came to Jinling, let’s calculate a fair and proper amount for the three of us.”
“If our grandpa and grandson take too much, then we will take out the more part to supply you to Master Xuan.”
“But if it’s Master Xuan, you take more, then you have to bother you to supply us with the more.”
When Xuan Fengnian heard this, he was suddenly furious.
I thought to myself: “This old thing is really shameless. He wants to count money by head and time with me at this time. Don’t the old thing want money?”
However, he did not have a direct attack on the phone, because he knew very well that it was not difficult to kill Mai Chengxing’s grandson and grandson by himself, but the difficulty is that after killing them by himself, I am afraid that there is no way to find that person. Come.
Therefore, I still have to find a way to get the clues out of his mouth!
So he asked in a cold voice: “Mr. Mai, since you want to meet and chat, let’s make an appointment for a time and a place.”
Mai Chengxing hurriedly said: “Master Xuan directly come to Buckingham Palace. I booked a suite here and the environment is good.”
Xuan Fengnian refused: “I hate places like hotels the most. Otherwise, I won’t come to Jinling to eat and sleep all the time, or let’s make an appointment at Phoenix Mountain Cemetery.
“Phoenix Mountain Cemetery?” Mai Chengxing blurted out: “Your gu worm swallowed the security guard’s brain. Now there are rumors that he was eaten by a ghost, causing panic. I’m afraid the relevant departments are also staring there. , Let’s meet there again, afraid it’s inappropriate, right?”
Xuan Fengnian said indifferently: “To be honest, I slept in Phoenix Mountain last night, not to mention, the scenery in this place is really good, and there is no one to bother me. When the police came to investigate the corpse in the morning, I even got warm. I took a look, and now, under the panic, the security guards in this place don’t dare to be on the night shift. We talk about things here at night and don’t have to worry about ears on the wall.”
Mai Chengxing thought for a while, and said with some worry: “Master Xuan, the Phoenix Mountain Cemetery is really remote, or let’s change to a closer place!”
Xuan Fengnian said coldly: “If you give me clues now, then we don’t even have to see, but if you want me to take part of the profit from my pocket to you, then I’m sorry, you have to Follow my request!”
When Mai Chengxing heard this, he said in a smooth way: “Okay! In that case, see you at Phoenix Mountain tonight!”
Xuan Fengnian smiled: “When I am son tonight, I will see you or leave.”

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