The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2915

The cold wind poured in from Tianling Gai caused Xuan Fengnian to shake a violent chill
What followed was a feeling that was ten thousand times more painful than Ling Chi!
This is because the venom released by the zodiacal worm is really terrifying, making his pain nerves a hundred times more acute than before.
Not to mention that the natal Gu worm bit a big hole in the top of the head, even if someone now takes an embroidery needle and pierces him casually, it is almost equivalent to piercing the heart with a thousand arrows.
The extremely severe pain caused Xuan Fengnian to faint for a while, but when he was irritated for a while, he woke up in an instant, and the whole person was in pain
And at this moment, the natal Gu worm had opened its dark mouthparts, and plunged into Xuan Fengnian’s head to feast on.
Xuan Fengnian immediately died in extreme pain
His skin color began to grow black and blue quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye
At the same time, blood was gushing out of his seven orifices in an instant
His corpse knelt in place, motionless, with an extremely miserable expression, as if he was kneeling to confess for the innocent person who died in his hands.
Seeing that he was already dead, Ye Chen snorted coldly, and said, “It’s more than guilty to be so evil!”
At this time, Mai Chengxing on the side said flatly, “Master Ye, his natal Gu worm, since you can manipulate it, you must subdue it. It will be of great use in the future!”
Ye Chen snorted coldly, “What use do I want this bug that eats human brains?”
Mai Chengxing hurriedly said: “Young Master Ye does not know that this natal Gu is a baby that has been raised in Xuanfeng for at least 20 to 30 years. This thing has been able to go to heaven and earth for a long time since it lived for 20 to 30 years. It can be regarded as a magic weapon that Xuan Fengnian has cultivated in half his life!”
Ye Chen sneered and said, “If I leave this ghost thing, do I have to feed it to eat human brains?”
Suddenly, Mai Chengxing was speechless, and he hesitated for a while, before he said: “I just thought that I killed the Gu worm like this, and it was indeed a bit of a loss.”
Ye Chen said disdainfully: “I, Ye Chen, still don’t fall to the point where I need to rely on this kind of thing!”
As he said, he held a thundering warning in his hand and yelled: “Thunder!”
Immediately afterwards, another sky thunder descended, and instantly smashed on Xuan Fengnian’s sky spirit cover
In an instant, Xuan Fengnian, together with his natal Gu worm, were all smashed into powder by lightning!
A gust of wind blew by, and the powder that Xuan Fengnian turned into disappeared into ashes and completely dissipated in the air.
Mai Chengxing stared at all this in amazement, and sighed in his heart: “Today, I really witnessed a miracle. This young master Ye is indeed a man with great supernatural powers! No wonder he has a way to make Lai Qinghua twenty years younger! Yes! This kind of supernatural power that can summon the sky thunder is rejuvenating, so what is it?”
Ye Chen looked at Mai Chengxing at this time, and said lightly: “You helped me capture Xuanfengnian, but you were sleek and self-interested. In addition, you helped my enemy come to Jinling to find my whereabouts. Although you have merit, It’s not enough to offset all the faults, so from now on, I will put you and Mike under house arrest in Jinling, and I will let you go after I solve Su Chengfeng.”
Mai Chengxing’s expression is very bitter, but he also knows in his heart that begging Ye Chen for mercy is not useful, and showing loyalty to Ye Chen is also not useful.
This is because Ye Chen already had a scale in his heart. As a result, he had long believed that he would never change his own decision because of others’ begging for mercy or submission.
The Xuanfeng year just now is the best example
So, the best choice for me right now is to be obedient and let Ye Chen go.
House arrest is painful, but at least it can save your life
If I cooperate with Ye Chen well in the future, I may still have the opportunity to make up for it.
So, he bowed and said respectfully: “The old man has no objection to the decision of Master Ye, and everything is decided by Master Ye.”

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