The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2917

Ye Chen collected the ambergris, and when he looked at Mai Chengxing, he also felt that this bad old man was more pleasing to the eye than just now.
So he opened his mouth and said: “From tonight, you and Mike will be staying at Buckingham Palace. I will let someone arrange a room for you and provide you with three hearty meals and other daily necessities every day, but the only price is That is, you cannot contact the outside world for the time being, let alone leave Buckingham Palace without authorization.”
With that, Ye Chen added: “This is also the best solution I can give you. Believe me, Buckingham Palace is much more comfortable than a kennel.”
How dare Mai Chengxing be dissatisfied, he can only bow down honestly and say: “Everything must follow the instructions of Master Ye…”
Ye Chen nodded and called Chen Zekai. Ten minutes later, Chen Zekai came all the way by helicopter.
Chen Zekai left the two younger brothers to solve the taxi that Ye Chen drove, and then left Phoenix Mountain with Ye Chen and Mai Chengxing.
After sending Ye Chen back to Tomson First Grade, Chen Zekai took Mai Chengxing back to Buckingham Palace, found a room in the closed administrative area, and arranged both him and Mike in.
At the same time, their cell phones were also rejected, and the room phone was cut off, completely cutting off contact with the outside world.
After Ye Chen returned home, he stored Ambergris in the underground storage room of Tomson Yipin Villa. After all the other medicinal materials were available, he could take time to start refining Pei Yuan Dan.
Early the next morning, there was another rumor in Jinling.
It is said that last night, a sudden lightning hit the Phoenix Mountain Cemetery. Some people say with certainty that the lightning struck a car, and the driver of the car was chopped into fly ash.
It was also said that the thunder and lightning last night was the condemnation of the ghost who killed people before.
Some people even said that Huang Taixian was in the Phoenix Mountain Cemetery last night.
Anyway, all sorts of pretentious remarks have emerged one after another.
However, Ye Chen didn’t pay attention to these anymore.
He thought that he had made an appointment with He Zhiqiu to meet at the Emgrand Group, so he sent Xiao Churan to the construction site of the Emgrand Hotel early and drove to the Emgrand Group by himself.
Wang Dongxue has been waiting here long ago.
He Zhiqiu was the first to arrive at the Emgrand Group, and after showing his identity, he was immediately invited to Wang Dongxue’s office.
Wang Dongxue did not know He Zhiqiu, but she also knew that she was the right-hand man invited by Ye Chen, and she was also the only daughter of Professor He from Jinling University of Finance and Economics.
Therefore, as soon as she saw He Zhiqiu, she showed great enthusiasm.
After all, the two of them will do things for Ye Chen in the future, although they have no distinction between superiors and superiors, and they are there. In the future, they will be responsible for their own business, but Wang Dongxue still hopes to have a good relationship with her and strive to be Ye Chen’s right-hand man with her.
Although He Zhiqiu graduated from the world’s top universities, but in the final analysis is not enough practical experience, seeing Wang Dongxue purely relying on her own strength, step by step to become the boss of a 100 billion market value enterprise, she also has full respect She really didn’t think that Wang Dongxue would be so young.
Wang Dongxue was also surprised by He Zhiqiu’s youth and beauty. After enthusiastically invited her into the office, she smiled and asked her: “When did Miss He return to China?”
He Zhiqiu hurriedly said, “I just came back for a few days.”
Wang Dongxue asked curiously: “Miss He has been in America before?”
“Yes.” He Zhiqiu nodded and explained: “I was born and raised in the United States, so I live in the United States most of the time.”

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