The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2919

He Zhiqiu was a little embarrassed when he heard Ye Chen’s questioning. She didn’t want Ye Chen to know that she was asking Wang Dongxue about how he was getting along well.
Wang Dongxue also belongs to the kind of woman with extremely high emotional intelligence, so she smiled slightly and said to Ye Chen: “The two of us were talking about future work. After all, we will be working together in your company in the future. Many things can still be communicated. Is there any.”
After that, she looked at He Zhiqiu and said, “Master, Miss He has just returned to China, and she is ready to accept a new business from scratch, so you must give her more guidance and help her enter the state earlier. .”
Ye Chen didn’t think too much, nodded lightly, and said seriously: “This is for sure. I personally attach great importance to this business, so once this business starts, I will definitely put more energy into it.”
He Zhiqiu felt a little sweet again in his heart.
“According to Ye Chen, there will still be many opportunities to meet him in the future.”
At this time, Wang Dongxue asked again: “Master, do you have any specific thoughts on the ocean shipping business? For example, where do we start first?”
Ye Chen said: “I hope that we can directly start the core business as soon as possible, instead of focusing too much energy on familiarizing the industry and integrating resources. When we start this business now, the first goal is to let our own freighters set sail as soon as possible. ”
He Zhiqiu hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, I have carefully considered this aspect. The first preparation is to register an ocean shipping company as soon as possible, and then obtain the relevant operating qualifications and shipping permits. As long as these are resolved, our ship theoretically It can pass reasonably and legally.”
She said, “But because we started everything from scratch, we don’t have any ships in our hands dedicated to port resources, so we have to synchronize some ship and port related resources when we make preparations. The port is a good idea. I will clear the relationship when the time comes. However, you must pay attention to the ship as soon as possible, because the orders of major shipyards are very large, whether it is a container ship, a bulk carrier, crude oil, or lng For a liquefied gas carrier, it takes at least one year from the time an order is placed to the delivery of the vessel.”
Ye Chen nodded and said: “In this regard, I plan to make two-handed preparations. The first is to hurry up to place orders with major domestic and foreign shipyards so that they can start scheduling production for us; the second preparation is to dock some ships. With the resources of the leasing company, we have built a preliminary shipping fleet for us by means of leasing.”
He Zhiqiu hurriedly said: “I have already begun to prepare for this. I have already begun to understand the largest boat rental companies in China, and I can touch them at any time about the related leasing plans. I think I will prepare for the first five. A freighter, based on these five freighters, runs through the world’s major routes and ports.”
Ye Chen agreed and said: “There is no problem. You can start leasing now. You must solve the problem of five freighters within one month. When the freighter arrives, we can start the business.”
Then, he said: “Wanting and Nanako will also come over in a while, just to talk to them about the transportation business, and many port resources of the Ito family can also connect with us.”
“Great.” He Zhiqiu hurriedly said: “In this way, our company is still not registered, and we have already negotiated the business in advance. As long as the qualifications are released and the ship is resolved, we can immediately start operating the actual business.”
Having said that, He Zhiqiu asked again: “By the way, Mr. Ye, I would take the liberty to ask, how much start-up capital have you actually prepared for the ocean shipping business?”
He Zhiqiu is very clear about the basic logic of most businessmen.
As long as they come out to do business, they have several common characteristics.
The first is that almost everyone will exaggerate their investment and capital reserves.
A person invested 500,000 yuan to open a shop. When others asked about his design investment, he would definitely increase a certain percentage on this basis.
On the one hand, it is for the sake of face, and on the other hand, it is also to raise the barrier of entry for this industry.
The second is that the biggest dream of almost all businessmen is the empty glove white wolf. For businessmen, the empty glove white wolf is the peak commercial achievement, because only the empty glove white wolf can achieve absolute net profit. .

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