The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2920

Therefore, she didn’t know how much money Ye Chen could spend to run this business.
Ye Chen thought slightly for a moment, and said: “In the first stage, I will first put out five billion US dollars as the start-up capital, and I may add tens of billions of dollars in the future, but this depends on the effectiveness of our first stage. How on earth.”
After that, he asked He Zhiqiu: “In your opinion, five billion dollars is enough for the first stage?”
He Zhiqiu said without hesitation: “Enough is enough, absolutely enough! In this way, I can expand the scale on the basis of the original idea, and we can place an order for ten new freighters to the shipbuilding enterprise at one time. , So next year, our capacity will be greatly improved.”
Ye Chen nodded, and said, “These are all for you to decide.”
At this time, there was another knock on the door and the voice of Secretary Wang Dongxue: “Wang Dong, Miss Song and Miss Ito are here.”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “Please come in quickly.”
Ye Chen said to her and He Zhiqiu at this time: “Wanting and Cai Caizi are still not quite clear about my situation in Ye’s house. Please pay attention to it later and don’t say anything.”
The two nodded and agreed.
At this time, the office door was pushed open by the secretary, and the glamorous Song Wanting walked in with the virgin Ito Nanako.
Seeing Ye Chen, Song Wanting respectfully said: “Master Ye!”
Nanako Ito couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “Ye Chen-kun!”
He Zhiqiu was amazed when he saw the stunning beauty of the two of them.
She really didn’t think that there were so many beautiful women beside Ye Chen.
Just being Wang Dongxue had already shocked her, but she didn’t think that the two beauties at the moment were no worse than Wang Dongxue.
Moreover, He Zhiqiu thought very confidently that if he were to add himself, these four women would not be exaggerated to say that they were the four heavenly immortals…
She couldn’t help wondering why so many beautiful women called Ye Chen differently. For example, she was called Mr. Ye Chenye, Wang Dongxue was called Master Ye Chen, and Song Wanting was called Master Ye Chenye, and Ito Nanako called him. Ye Chenjun.
Somehow, she always felt that Ito Nanako’s name for Ye Chen was really ambiguous. It sounded more intimate than Mr. Ye, Master Ye or Young Master.
Ye Chen said to the two at this time: “You two are here just right. I’m talking about ocean transportation with Zhiqiu and Dongxue.”
After speaking, they made a brief introduction to each other.
Afterwards, Nanako Ito said: “By the way, Ye Chenjun, I received a message that the Su family‚Äôs ocean shipping group has completed the shareholder change, and now all the shares are in the name of Su Zhiyu from the Su family. This group holds There is a very large ocean-going transportation fleet, but they are still in a state of being blocked, and the entire group cannot be activated. If Ye Chenjun can find a breakthrough from Su Zhiyu, he will definitely be able to get twice the result with half the effort!”

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