The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2922

After the exposure from the Su family, Ye Chen didn’t worry about him. After all, Su Shoudao and Su Shoude were in his own hands, and Xuan Fengnian was killed by himself. If the Su family wanted to deal with themselves, they had no ultimate tricks, and they didn’t have to worry about it at all. .
And what he was really worried about was Su Zhiyu.
Once she cooperates with herself, Su Chengfeng will definitely be very angry, and maybe he will be angry at Su Zhiyu by then.
After all, the Su family and the Ye family have feuds, and they are each other’s biggest rivals. If Su Zhiyu cooperates with him, then in the eyes of Su Chengfeng, it is tantamount to betraying the Su family and throwing himself into the enemy camp.
Although Ye Chen also wanted to find a shortcut for himself to start a business, this shortcut should not be based on putting Su Zhiyu in a dangerous situation.
To put it bluntly, in that case, I might harm her.
So he waved his hand and said to Song Wanting, who didn’t know the truth, “Although I know Su Zhiyu, after all, my business is still not showing any substantial improvement. Going to her for cooperation at this time is equivalent to the empty glove white wolf. At that time, it is likely to give others a feeling, as if I am threatening to save others and forcing them to cooperate with me. This is a bit of a moral kidnapping taste.”
After listening to Song Wanting, she nodded softly in understanding.
She knew that Ye Chen was a person and would never use it as a bargaining chip to negotiate terms with each other just because she had saved others.
Asking Ye Chen to do such a thing does not fit his character.
However, Wang Dongxue knew the identity of Ye Chen’s young master, and therefore guessed Ye Chen’s true thoughts.
So she said with some emotion: “I heard that Su Chengfeng, the Patriarch of the Su family, is sinister and mean. For the so-called honor of the family, she can plan and kill her own daughter-in-law and granddaughter. That Su Zhiyu will take care of him this time. I think that Su Chengfeng will never sit back and wait for such a large amount of business in Li, and maybe he will start Su Zhiyu when the limelight of Su Zhiyu passes.”
Speaking of this, she said seriously: “After all, there have been real cases of guilty crimes since ancient times. Su Zhiyu, a weak girl with such a large piece of business in her hands, is equivalent to a five-year-old. My child, holding millions of cash, went out for a walk in the dead of night. I don’t think she can keep it at all. Maybe she will be affected by it.”
Wang Dongxue’s words made Ye Chen a little worried.
He knew that what Wang Dongxue said was true, and that Su Chengfeng at the moment was only subject to Su Zhiyu, so he chose to sacrifice one of his legs to settle things down.
However, as the limelight of this incident gradually passed, Su Chengfeng, who had lost the leg of ocean shipping, would only become more and more uncomfortable, and it was more and more likely that this leg could grow back.
By then, Su Zhiyu will definitely face great danger.
Looking at it this way, cooperating with Su Zhiyu might not have harmed her. To some extent, it might still be protecting her.
Thinking of this, he said very solemnly: “In this way, Zhiqiu is still advancing according to the original plan. After all, whether we cooperate with Su Zhiyu or not, we must first do the company registration, license application and resource integration work. Otherwise, even if we get Su Zhiyu’s resources, we will not be able to use it.”
“As for whether Su Zhiyu can cooperate, I will find a chance to chat with her!”

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