The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2925

For Elder He, who is also a warrior, after hearing that He Hongsheng became a four-star warrior, he was very fascinated in his heart.
However, there are countless difficulties and hardships along the way of martial arts, and it is impossible for ordinary people to make any major achievements.
If you want to become a two-star warrior, you need extremely high talents and huge resources.
As for the three-star warriors, there are only a few sporadic ones.
As for the four-star warrior, only He Hongsheng is known so far.
Therefore, He Lao knew very well that He Hongsheng must have encountered some great opportunity.
The greatest possibility is to find a better inner boxing method.
Therefore, he is also very much looking forward to it.
But he also knew very well that, let alone a better inner family boxing method, even if it is a broken mind method, it is also a secret of many families, and it is impossible for him to spy on it.
But now there is a good opportunity. Elder Su found the Gu Master Xuan Fengnian. Although his strength is not strong, he has already played superbly in his first hand, completely killing people invisible.
It was precisely because of this that he asked Old Man Su to ask Xuan Fengnian to find a way to ask He Hongsheng about his cultivation method.
Su Chengfeng said with some worry at this time: “I don’t know now, Xuan Fengnian’s Gu technique can kill a four-star martial artist. After all, the strength of the four-star martial artist is unfathomable. opponent.”
Old He hurriedly said: “Master, you don’t know anything about Gu art. In our martial arts people’s eyes, it is just like a submachine gun. It belongs to the kind that does not speak morality at all. A shuttle bullet at close range, the Gu worm in Xuan Fengnian, really used, the power is not under the submachine gun!”
“Oh?” Su Chengfeng said in surprise: “According to you, Xuan Fengnian really has a chance to get He Hongsheng’s cultivation method. At that time, can my Su family also use this set of cultivation methods to establish sects and directly create A martial arts sect?”
Old He excitedly said, “It’s totally possible!”
As he said, he continued with excitement: “Nowadays, the martial arts family is imprisoned by blood, and their own practice methods will never be passed on to outsiders, which also limits the maximum scale that a martial arts family can achieve. ”
“Furthermore, there are many scattered martial arts practitioners who are hoping to obtain a sophisticated practice method to improve their strength. If the Su family has a better practice method, it can be used to attract disciples. If there is more, I dare not dare. Pack tickets, but it is very easy to receive thousands of disciples.”
Su Chengfeng smiled and nodded and said seriously: “At that time, you will take care of this sect. By then, all the disciples will be your disciples and grandchildren. As for me, there is only one requirement, that is, this sect must be for generations to come. Play for my Su family.”
Hearing this, Old He immediately backed up two steps, knelt on one knee, and solemnly promised: “You can rest assured that you will be faithful to the Su family. If you have the opportunity to establish a sect on behalf of the Su family in the future, you will definitely be These five characters of the Su family are the sole purpose of the entire sect!”
Su Chengfeng was very satisfied with his statement.
This time, half of the Ho family hired for the price of blood loss has always made him feel very upset.
Therefore, he also desires to have a power that truly belongs to him.
In that case, not only can the cost be greatly saved, but also there is no need to be controlled by others.

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