The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2936

Immediately, he achieved his goal, so he did not continue to struggle too much on this issue, and directly changed the subject: “By the way, Zhiyu, how are you talking with Ito Yuhiko? This guy has always wanted to talk to us before. Cooperation, we must go out of Asia and the world together, but since the incident in Tokyo, it seems that we have not looked down upon us very much.”
“Yes.” Su Zhiyu said: “Mr. Ito’s attitude has indeed undergone some changes, but his mentality is understandable. We are talking pretty well at the moment. After all, now is not what it used to be, and I have also lowered it. In some gestures, I intend to use the entire ocean shipping group to establish a new company with the Ito family. By then, the Ito family will hold 51% of the shares and I will hold 4
Therefore, she said to Su Chengfeng: “In this matter, I still intend to show 100% sincerity to cooperate with each other. Only in this way can everyone cooperate perfectly without reservation and make the industry bigger and bigger together. As soon as everyone came up, they kept each other’s minds, and this kind of cooperation will certainly not last long.”
Su Chengfeng said seriously: “Zhiyu, our Su family did not have a joint venture with others, but the premise of the joint venture is that we have absolute control. This is actually very important. We must hold the initiative in our hands. Now that Ito Takehiko wants to take control, then we have to leave a way for ourselves, otherwise, if everything is led by others, it would be too passive!”
Su Zhiyu heard this and said in a serious tone: “I have a different opinion from yours. If I want to leave a complete divestment back now, the Ito family will definitely make the same request. If the other party hasn’t done anything, I will pay you back. It’s easy to say, but if the other party sweeps us out before we can still solve the problem, what should we do? Not everyone has to do things in our mindset.”
Speaking of this, Su Zhiyu said again: “In addition, since you have paid me the Ocean Shipping Group as compensation, I also hope that you can honor your commitment and respect my operational decisions.”
Immediately, Su Zhiyu changed the conversation and said, “Of course, I will honor my promise to you. After talking with Mr. Ito for a while, I will immediately communicate with Eun Gong and try to persuade him.”
Su Chengfeng could only say angrily: “Okay! That being the case, I will never interfere with your operational decisions in the future!”
Before hanging up the phone, Su Zhiyu reminded: “By the way, things in Maldives are easy to do. Or I will go there tomorrow. It should only take seven hours to fly by. If it is more efficient, it will take one day. The transfer will be completed.”
Su Chengfeng on the other end of the phone rubbed his chest and said dejectedly: “Okay, tomorrow I will let Anshun fly to the Maldives too!”

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