The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2943

Su Zhiyu was in a good mood when she heard her mother’s words. She took her mother’s arm and said with excitement, “Mom, my grandfather called my grandfather in front of me today and said on the phone that he was going to find him to settle the account. , Scared him out of look…”
“Really?” Du Haiqing couldn’t help asking: “Ye Chen is really going to find your grandfather to settle the accounts?”
“That’s not true.” Su Zhiyu explained: “En Gong feels that going to grandpa to settle the account now will not benefit him any practical benefits. Instead, it will make my uncles, aunts, and the Ye family cheaper.”
“Yes.” Du Haiqing said in agreement: “So many people in the Su family are looking forward to your grandfather’s accident more than Ye Chen. If Ye Chen really does anything to him, the other Su family members will wake up with laughter if they are dreaming.”
Su Zhiyu smiled and said: “So my benefactor said that he just gave a false shot, scared grandpa, and then asked grandpa to ask me for help. He just hung up the phone, and grandpa called me. It was really unexpected. Things are like gods.”
Du Haiqing nodded, and laughed softly: “In fact, this is not as expected. It is Ye Chen who blocked other roads. He only left your exit. It is like a barrier lake. He Wherever you leave a hole, the water will naturally flow there.”
After that, Du Haiqing said again: “Ye Chen is helping you again. Your grandfather is so threatened by him, I am afraid that he can only ask you to help save his life, and he will not dare to think badly about you in the future.”
“Yes.” Su Zhiyu said with a smile: “Moreover, in order to flatter me, he also offered to give me the island of Maldives, the one he kept for his retirement.”
“Fun!” Du Haiqing said in surprise: “That’s really good for him, don’t you really want it?”
Su Zhiyu earnestly said: “He wants to give it to me, of course I have to, I have to tell him, I will fly to the Maldives tomorrow, and Su Anshun will transfer the property rights to me in the Maldives.”
Du Haiqing couldn’t help sighing: “You want the island to be useless. It’s better to leave it to him for retirement. The older you are, the more you value the place for retirement. This is not as simple as investing more than two billion yuan. The matter is his thoughts. I guess he is polite to you, not thinking that you can really want it.” m.
Su Zhiyu snorted and said with a bit of anger, “Then I don’t care, he will hold it if he gives it to me, so I don’t care if he is sincere.”
“You kid…” Du Haiqing sighed and said seriously: “You have to be forgiving and forgiving, not to mention that he is your grandfather after all.”
Su Zhiyu shook his head and said: “I don’t think you are so magnanimous. I can at best not hold him accountable for what he did, but I will never forgive him.”
Du Haiqing shook his head helplessly and asked her, “There is no practical use for the island you want. Even if you go on vacation, it will be over for ten days a year.”
Su Zhiyu said: “I don’t want to go for a day, so let’s keep it, what use is there in the future?”
“Okay.” Du Haiqing smiled and joked: “Or it can be reserved for your future dowry, or it can be used as a wedding venue by the way. Many celebrities and wealthy people are popular to go to the Maldives to book a wedding on an island, right? ?”
Su Zhiyu blushed, and replied shyly: “I don’t know what year and month it was. Anyway, I want this island. Even if I don’t use it, I’m happy to leave it there.”
“Good, good.” Du Haiqing nodded and said: “You have decided, Mom will not interfere.”
Su Zhiyu smiled sweetly and asked her: “Mom, then you will go to the Maldives with me tomorrow? Let’s fly there early in the morning and it will be there in seven or eight hours. It is estimated that the formalities will take up to two hours, and then fly back. In this way, you can arrive at night.”
After that, Su Zhiyu said again: “And we don’t take civil aviation, just arrange a business jet to sleep all the way.”
Du Haiqing smiled slightly and said, “I won’t go anymore. I don’t want to meet the Su family. Even Su Anshun doesn’t want to see him. Would you like your brother to accompany you?”
“My brother?” Su Zhiyu curled his lips: “I’m still not looking for him. If you don’t want to go, I will go by myself.”
“What’s the matter?” Du Haiqing asked curiously: “Did you conflict with your brother?”

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