The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2956

Every time he goes out of town, he has to take care of at least a few hundred fake fans to pick up the plane at the airport, and spend money to hire a group of so-called “illegal meals” to follow him frantically, and his favorite drama is to send Weibo to condemn these Fans who seem to be crazy, and then spend money to promote their Weibo, and then they can get a hot search, probably with the title: “Zhong Tianyu is troubled by illegitimate meals in a certain place, and he publishes condemnation.”
He will also use such hot searches to include popular passersby and netizens, and then use a lot of retouched photos and sound-fixed songs, combining his various talented, hardworking, and rich second-generation personal settings. Passers-by become fans.
This kind of gameplay has long become a standard operating procedure in the entertainment industry.
If a celebrity arrives at a certain place and no one picks up the plane, and there is no beautiful and handsome airport photo, it will definitely become the laughing stock of the entertainment industry.
Therefore, after Zhong Tianyu heard that the pick-up and shooting couldn’t keep up, he was furious and asked angrily: “What’s the matter? I went to Jinling. Didn’t even have a pick-up battle?”
The female assistant hurriedly said: “Master, you originally planned to fly to Jinling tomorrow morning, so all the battles arranged by Xu Dandan are tomorrow!”
With that said, the female assistant hurriedly took out a notepad, flipped through it and said, “Xu Dandan has already booked it with the local group leader in Jinling. At nine o’clock tomorrow morning, there will be 500 group performances going to Jinling Airport. In the arrival hall, these are all acting as fans. This pick-up is a big deal. At that time, we will first buy you a hot search for you to arrive in Jinling and pick up a large number of fans;”
“In addition, there are ten groups of capture photographers who will arrive at the airport at 9 o’clock tomorrow. They will be ready to capture you at various locations in the airport, and then send the original photos of the photos to their finishing team for finishing. The refined pictures will be sent to me as soon as possible, and then you personally select the ones that you are satisfied with, and then we will follow up and purchase the second hot search, which is your fashionable outfit at the airport;”
“In addition, there are more than 20 senior actors who will play your bastard. They will drive you all the way from the airport to the hotel, and you will stop halfway to their car. Condemn them, and then we will buy another hot search where you condemn the fanatical illegitimate meal;”
“According to the original plan, these illegitimate meals will knock on the door of your room at night, or even trick you into opening the door in the name of a waiter, and rush in desperately to take a photo with you;”
“According to Xu Dandan’s arrangement, you will call the police directly when the time comes. After the police go out, the secretly arranged press will film the whole process and post it directly to the Internet that night. We will follow up on your fourth hot spot on the day of purchase. Search is a hot search where you were seriously harassed by illegitimate meals and eventually had to call the police for help;”
“Four hot searches a day will definitely make you the king of topics in these two days!”
Zhong Tianyu said coldly: “You said these are useful for a fart now? My fucking is going today, not tomorrow! I want you to advance all these arrangements to today! Advance to two hours later!”
The female assistant said helplessly: “Master, the problem now is that I can’t get in touch with Xu Dandan at all, and the materials for you, such as banners, pennants, light signs, etc., will arrive tonight. Jinling, so if we temporarily pass now, these will not be able to keep up.”
“Grass!” Zhong Tianyu said angrily: “How can I say it is also the hottest male singer now. If I go to Jinling and there are fans picking up the phone, if I pass it out, I won’t be laughed out of my teeth?”
After that, he said undoubtedly: “Hurry up and make arrangements for me! You call the group leader directly and say that I will double the cost. After an hour, he must take three hundred people to the airport to wait for me. ! If you can’t get the aid materials within an hour, find a few young women, ask them to bite their fingers and write blood books on white t-shirts. Welcome to Jinling. If you are willing to write blood books, one person will give it to you. Give five thousand more!”
The female assistant said helplessly: “Master, the group leader in Jinling was contacted by Xu Dandan, and I don’t have his contact information either!”
“Grass!” Zhong Tianyu slapped his face and cursed: “If you don’t have a contact method, you can find a way. I don’t care what the hell you do. If you can’t figure it out, I am the only one you are ask!”
The female assistant was slapped in the face, and the aggrieved people almost cried, and choked up: “Master, otherwise, you can wait a few hours, let me go to Jinling and arrange things over there before you fly over. …..”
Zhong Tianyu cursed: “When will I have to wait until the fuck? Now Xu Dandan is missing. If I can’t find the bastard, many things will have to be repeated. Now there are only three days left before the concert. Mom is too late?!”

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