The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2957

The female assistant at this time, clutching her flushed face, cried and said, “Master, these are Mr. Dan’s work mistakes. You can’t vent all your anger on me. This is unfair to me… ..”
“Fair to your sister!” Zhong Tianyu said with disgust: “My fucking wants you to solve the problem for me now, instead of letting you throw the pot here! I don’t want to care if Xu Dandan is dead or alive, but accept You must arrange things for me! Otherwise, I will fucking kill you!”
The female assistant was frightened by Zhong Tianyu’s fierce appearance. She didn’t dare to find any reason for herself, so she nodded and said aggrievedly: “Good master, I will find a way to contact the local public relations resources… .”
Zhong Tianyu told me: “Remember, I only want female fans at the scene, not male fans! Don’t give me a bunch of big bosses yelling at the airport, I can’t afford to damn that person!”
Last year, when Zhong Tianyu’s plastic surgery was finally regarded as small and effective, in order to highlight his personality of the top singer, he began to go everywhere and hire a large group of actors to play fanatical fans.
Although he himself has a certain real fan group, because his level is indeed relatively average, even if the fans are brainwashed and like him, they are still far from being fanatical.
Therefore, every time you want to frantically hype your own popularity, you have to spend money to hire a group of actors to act as fanatic fans. Only in this way can you achieve an eye-catching effect.
But once, because the matchmaker hadn’t confirmed in advance, he coaxed him with a big joke.
On that day, in order to save trouble, the person in charge of taking the opportunity directly summoned more than two hundred group performances of the anti-Japanese war films that had just been filmed from the film and television city. Because they were shooting anti-Japanese war films, these group performances were almost all male. And all of them are five big three thick and gray-headed.
It turned out that such a group of people arrived at the airport and shouted slogans like “Zhong Tianyu, I love you”, which made Zhong Tianyu disgusting enough.
What’s more fucking is that there are a lot of group performances here, and they came here wearing military cloth shoes of the Eighth Route Army on TV, and they were taken as ironclad evidence of gangbanging.
What makes Zhong Tianyu unbearable most is that the people who have good things eat melons, shoot the live video into a video, and post it to the short video platform to mock him.
There are even short video bloggers who specialize in publishing gossip in the entertainment industry, using various obscure pronouns to mock Zhong Tianyu, saying that he can even buy fake fans to buy overturned cars, and sooner or later he will be confused.
The incident that time rushed directly to the hot search list. In the end, the Zhong family spent tens of millions looking for relationships and requesting deletion of posts before finally smoothing the matter.
Therefore, Zhong Tianyu will never allow such a thing to happen even once!
The female assistant didn’t dare to delay, and on the way to the airport, she began to ask people to inquire about local resources in Jinling, especially female resources, through various relationships.
You know, people who can find hundreds of young girls in a short period of time are very rare even in Yanjing.
The group leader among the extras does not have so many resources in his hands.
Because the general group leader also docks the Bailai number group performance, which is not only young girls, but all kinds of men, women and children.
To put it harder, even if it is a mother in a nightclub, there can be as many as hundreds of girls under her control.

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