The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2961

Xiao Weiwei itself is not a silly and sweet thing. Although she has never done business before, she has been suffering from the sadness of the world over the past two years. Therefore, she now knows the basic law of survival in society, which is to do her best to fight for her own interests.
Moreover, now she is not alone, and there are hundreds of young girls eating with her behind her. Naturally, she wants to fight for more benefits for everyone.
When Chen Mengmeng heard that Xiao Weiwei was asking for one million, he immediately looked at Zhong Tianyu who was aside.
She is just Zhong Tianyu’s assistant. Whether the money should be spent depends entirely on Zhong Tianyu’s meaning.
Zhong Tianyu’s expression was extremely ugly at this time.
He gritted his teeth and said: “This Xiao Weiwei’s appetite is really not small! I dare to ask for a million from me for such a small matter. It is clear that I am going to knock me off! Do you really think I’m being taken advantage of?”
Seeing Zhong Tianyu’s anger again, Chen Mengmeng said hurriedly: “Master, then I reject her now?”
Zhong Tianyu glared at Chen Mengmeng and cursed: “You fucking have no brains? Now refuse her, what should I do if I arrive at Jinling and no one can pick up the plane? How do I send today’s draft? How do I buy it from a hot search?”
After all, Zhong Tianyu said with a cold face: “You tell her that one million is one million, but I will pay 500,000 first, and the remaining 500,000 will be paid after the work is over.”
Zhong Tianyu’s thinking is very simple. For such a hasty matter, there is no time to sign the contract. Everything is verbally agreed. First, pay 500,000, and then it will be impossible to pay the remaining 500,000.
Regardless of Zhong Tianyu’s big family, he is also a first-line star, but the cost of his early investment is too great, and in order to maintain his “top-tier” label, he needs to continue to continue to spend money, so the cost Pay special attention to it. m.
What makes Zhong Tianyu even more annoying is that in order to pursue Gu Qiuyi, he chose the music line to cut in. In recent years, the singer’s ability to attract money is far worse than that of actors.
Regardless of how various performances, variety shows, and announcements can make a year in revenue of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, the cost of promotion and marketing behind each year is basically the same as revenue.
If the huge gold mine of Gu Qiuyi cannot be settled yet, Zhong Tianyu even has the idea of ​​quitting the entertainment industry.
Chen Mengmeng also understood what Zhong Tianyu meant, and paid 500,000 yuan first, and the next 500,000 yuan would definitely be a no-brainer.
Although she didn’t want to do something with business ethics, since the boss had already spoken, how could she dare to disobey, so she had to say to Xiao Weiwei: “Mr. Xiao, our boss agreed. There is no problem with one million, but the money must be paid first. Pay half, and then pay the other half when it’s done.”
Xiao Weiwei didn’t know how many times she was scammed. She was no longer the stupid woman at the time. She understood the other party’s intentions instantly, so she said: “Ms. Chen, if your company is willing to cooperate, after paying the full amount in one go, I’ll start making arrangements here. If I don’t want to, let’s forget it. I don’t accept any form of bargaining, even if you pay 99% first and then 1%, please forgive me.”
After Zhong Tianyu listened, his face was green and said: “This lady is really cruel, and he choked me all of the bargaining room!”
Chen Mengmeng asked helplessly: “Master, what should I do now?”
Zhong Tianyu cursed: “What the hell can I do, promise her! Let her quickly arrange for someone to go there! If I get off the plane and can’t see more than 300 female fans, I fucking kill her!”
Chen Mengmeng asked tentatively: “Then let the finance transfer money now?”
“Okay!” Chen Mengmeng gritted her teeth: “You need to check the other party’s account number, and then notify the financial transfer, I will directly approve the mobile phone.”
Chen Mengmeng finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although this matter is not his own pot, if it is not resolved in the end, Zhong Tianyu will definitely find himself in trouble.

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