The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2968

However, after entering, Zhong Tianyu was a little surprised. He looked at the almost empty passage and said in confusion: “How come you have so few people in this airport? But I think there is nothing else besides us. Are there any passengers?”
The account manager scratched his head and smiled, and said: “This…may have something to do with today’s traffic control. We don’t have many planes arriving in Hong Kong today, and many flights have been delayed or cancelled.”
Zhong Tianyu thinks something is wrong. Generally speaking, even if the airports in second-tier cities are not so busy, they won’t be so empty, right?
Just wondering, the account manager pointed to a frosted glass door in front and said: “Mr. Zhong, there is an exit in front. There are a lot of your fans outside. If you find it inconvenient, I can ask the security to escort you away quickly. , Or ask the security to drive the fans away before you go out.”
“Don’t!” The doubts in Zhong Tianyu’s mind instantly disappeared, and he blurted out: “I have always regarded my fans as family. They come to meet me so far away, so I naturally want to say hello to them!”
After all, he walked a few steps quickly and came to the glass door. He couldn’t wait to go out and say hello to the three hundred beautiful “fans” he bought.
At this moment, the door of induction opened. When the scene outside the passage reflected in Zhong Tianyu’s pupils, he felt that his brain was instantly energized with high voltage, and the whole person was shocked!
Because, outside the exit at this time, although a lot of people gathered around, it was not the lot of beauties he had imagined at all.
Quite the opposite!
In front of us are a lot of big men with big five big and three thick faces!
Just when Zhong Tianyu was stunned, an extremely vicious man with two scars on his face shouted: “Zhong Tianyu! I love you! I fucking want to give you a baby!”
There was a whistle from the crowd.
Another man yelled: “Fuck! Zhong Tianyu, I love you too! I fucking want you to give birth to a child for Laozi!”
As soon as the voice fell, there was a man wearing a sports vest on a cold day, waving two big floral arms full of tattoos, and exclaimed in excitement: “China Yanjing Zhong Tianyu! Niubi, 666, my baby !”
Zhong Tianyu was frightened by this battle, his legs softened, and he wanted to move back quickly, and he thought to himself in panic, “This, this…what the hell is going on?! What about the beauties? Miss Etiquette. What? How did you become a bunch of stinky hooligans?!”
But what made him think was that these fanatical lords did not give him a chance to retreat. A large group of people swarmed up, shouting “Zhong Tianyu, I love you, Zhong Tianyu, I want to sleep with you tonight!” “Wait and so on slogans like this directly surrounded Zhong Tianyu.
Zhong Tianyu’s four bodyguards still didn’t react, and they were squeezed out of the crowd by two or three hundred people. Seeing so many brawny men, they simply couldn’t do anything.
And Zhong Tianyu was surrounded by so many brawny guys like stinky rascals, his whole person was shocked, he asked in a panic: “You…what are you doing?”
Someone shouted: “Grass! Need to ask? Lao Tzu is your loyal fan! You come to Jinling, of course Lao Tzu will come to pick you up!”
Zhong Tianyu was about to cry, thinking how the hell could I have such a fan? Did you intentionally cause me to come?
So he blurted out: “You must have made a mistake! Let me go out quickly, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”
As soon as he finished speaking, someone suddenly stretched out his hand and slapped him, cursing, “Grass! I rode a motorcycle to pick you up from a long distance. You fucking dare to talk to me like this and give you a face, right?”
“Yeah!” I don’t know who raised his hand and slapped him again, and then pinched the flesh on his face, and shouted angrily while pinching, “Damn, did you talk to fans like this? Tell me again to Lao Tzu!”

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