The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2969

Zhong Tianyu was buzzed by this slap in the face.
The brutal force just now was directly slapped out of the sky by the two slaps in succession.
Born with a golden key, he has been beaten since he was a child. He was slapped in the face as soon as he got off the plane today, and he was pinched to death. This feeling made him feel like he was dead.
At this time, he was like a rooster surrounded by wolves.
In the face of such a large number of fierce and strong men, he was already shocked.
Bodyguards have long been used, and now he is completely reduced to the opponent’s plaything, so he can only tentatively ask: “Brothers, is there any misunderstanding in this…”
After all, I clearly saw hundreds of beauties waiting to be picked up on the video just now, but after I came out, I found that even if there were no beauties, there were a few hundred more rascals, this look was not quite right!
“There is no misunderstanding!” The man pinching his face said coldly: “We are all your fans. We love you so much. I heard that you are coming to Jinling, so we rushed over to greet you. How about? Is our pick-up lineup still satisfied?”
Zhong Tianyu said with a sad face, “Big brother, don’t be joking…I am such a person, how can there be anything that elder brother likes? If there is something wrong with the younger brother, you can just say it, I will change it. , But there really is no need to play with me like this…”
The man smiled and said, “Oh, brother smelly said that is too far-fetched. We came all the way to greet you, of course, because we adore your musical talent. In addition, we have also prepared a splendid reception banquet for you, time It’s almost there, hurry over!”
After speaking, he winked at the other strong man next to him, and the two of them looked at each other and smiled, and immediately bent down, one of them carried Zhong Tianyu on one leg, and directly carried Zhong Tianyu up.
Afterwards, a large number of strong men walked out surrounded by Zhong Tianyu who was lifted up. A group of people followed and shouted, and the scene was very spectacular.
The assistants and bodyguards accompanying Zhong Tianyu were all frightened. Seeing that his young master was kidnapped in this way, he didn’t know for a moment whether he should follow up or stay where he was. None of them are like good people. If this really provokes the other person, wouldn’t it be a pebble hitting a rock?
Just when this group of people hesitated, the remaining dozens of strong men directly surrounded these people and pushed them out of the airport’s business jet terminal.
When Zhong Tianyu was carried out, it was discovered that something was wrong!
Because there are no passengers at the gate of the terminal, the terminal itself is also very small, not as large as a railway station in a small city.
Immediately afterwards, he found the magnificent main terminal building not far away. The main terminal building is not only large in scale, but also has a surging traffic at the door, and there are also many passengers coming in and out.
At this moment, he immediately realized that from the moment he got off the plane, he was completely calculated by others!
He couldn’t help but wondered: “Could it be that Xiao Weiwei shaved me up? Damn, this woman is so brave, even I dare to play?!”
“No! It should not be that Xiao Weiwei, because my original plan was to leave the airport from the main terminal, and the three hundred female fans who were greeted were also waiting for me to appear in the main terminal…”
“But the people at the airport brought me to the business jet terminal…”
“Damn! No wonder the windows of that apron bus are all sealed, just don’t want me to see that it was pulled to the corporate jet building! It’s clear that I’m trying to trick me!”
“Who is so bold that even I dare to play?! Could it be the dog that the Ye family placed in Jinling?! He is just a subordinate of the Ye family, how dare to do it directly on me?!”
When Zhong Tianyu was puzzled, a group of strong men had already stuffed him into a bus.

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