The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2995

At this time, in the lead car of the Rolls-Royce team.
Su Zhifei sat next to Chen Duoduo and said with a smile: “Duo Duo, I have taken a lot of advertising spots in Jinling during this period. I have started to scroll the promotional posters of Miss Gu’s concert for 24 hours. I will enter the city for a while. On the road, you can see at least twenty or thirty advertising resources.”
Chen Duoduo asked in a puzzled way: “Master Su, Qiu Yi’s concert tickets seem to have been sold out a long time ago. You are still doing so many on-site promotions. Isn’t it a waste?”
Su Zhifei smiled and said with a serious look: “It’s a trend! Although the carrying capacity of the concert has reached the upper limit, it is still 30,000 to 50,000 people. Our Jinling permanent population is almost 10 million. If we can save the remaining These people who are below are also covered, and Ms. Gu’s popularity will also be greatly improved, don’t you think?”
Chen Duoduo smiled awkwardly: “To be honest, Master Su, you can see from the hot lists of major websites and the search index of search engines that Qiuyi’s influence is currently the highest among domestic celebrities. There is no one, so our operational thinking has long since paid attention to building momentum. On the contrary, we have always deliberately refrained from building momentum and evading it…”
“Why?” Su Zhifei asked in surprise: “Now stars are vying for traffic all day long. The traffic cost in the entertainment industry is getting more and more expensive. Many stars are smashing the pot and selling iron to create momentum for themselves. Why are you doing the opposite? OK?”
Chen Duoduo earnestly explained: “This is what Qiuyi meant. She feels that excessively creating momentum is wasteful on the one hand, and encroaching on public resources on the other.”
After speaking, Chen Duoduo said again: “Qiuyi feels that the exposure of the entertainment industry is limited after all. The flow will be continuously diluted by her, which is unfair to others.”
Su Zhifei heard the drums in his heart, and asked in a low voice: “Duo Duo, I will get these advertising spaces. Looking back, Miss Gu will see it. Wouldn’t you be upset?”
Chen Duoduo smirked: “I can’t say this well.”
Su Zhifei nodded thoughtfully, and thought to himself: “There are so many advertising spaces at no cost, if the time comes, the counter-effect will be self-defeating?”
Thinking of this, he asked along the way: “That’s right, when will Miss Gu come here?”
Chen Duoduo cautiously replied: “I really don’t know about this. Qiu Yi still has a job in Yanjing, and she won’t be able to come here until the end of her work, and she usually travels on a private jet, and the time is uncertain.”
Su Zhifei nodded gently, and said with a smile: “If you need to pick up the phone, you can tell me in advance and I will pick her up at that time.”
Chen Duoduo agreed and said, “I will pass it to Qiu Yi later.”
“Okay!” Su Zhifei smiled, and said deliberately: “That’s right, I heard that Zhong Tianyu came to Jinling yesterday, and he was set up right after he got off the plane. Do you know who did it?”
Chen Duoduo said, “I really don’t know this.”
In fact, although Chen Duoduo did not know the details, he basically guessed that Ye Chen should have done this.
Therefore, she subconsciously looked at Su Zhifei again, feeling more or less sympathetic to him.
Chen Duoduo knew that Su Zhifei bothered so much to pursue Gu Qiuyi.
But Chen Duoduo knew that there was no one in Gu Qiuyi except Ye Chen. No matter how much Su Zhifei pleased Gu Qiuyi, Gu Qiuyi would never look at him more.
Therefore, she had known for a long time that no matter how hard Su Zhifei worked hard, the only thing waiting for him was failure. There was absolutely no second possibility.
While talking, Chen Duoduo suddenly received a push on his mobile phone.
She took out her mobile phone and read it. It was a piece of news. The headline on it read impressively, “Zhong Tianyu’s brokerage company released an announcement at 7:30 this morning: Zhong Tianyu announced that he will completely withdraw from the entertainment industry and will soon go overseas for further studies! 》
Chen Duoduo suddenly exclaimed, and then hurriedly clicked to check the details.
Su Zhifei also hurried over to find out.
In the details of this report, Zhong Tianyu’s agency claimed that after careful consideration, Zhong Tianyu believes that he is not suitable for staying in the entertainment industry, so he still hopes to focus on his studies and go abroad to study for a master’s degree in business administration in order to succeed the family in the future. The company was preparing for it, so it decided to withdraw from the entertainment circle permanently.
Su Zhifei suddenly laughed when he saw this, and said: “I think Zhong Tianyu’s reading is fake, and it is true that he will continue to stay in the entertainment circle. The video of picking up the airport yesterday is still the top searched video. It’s all overwhelming ridicule, and if it’s me, I’m sure I’ll be embarrassed to stay in this circle.”
Chen Duoduo smiled politely and didn’t talk much.

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