The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3017

Twenty minutes later.
Su Zhifei’s motorcade drove into the underground garage of Emgrand Group.
Wang Dongxue has arranged in advance for her secretary and the person in charge of the security department of Emgrand Group to wait in the underground garage.
As soon as the convoy arrived, they immediately stepped forward to receive them respectfully, and then took Su Zhifei and his entourage from the special elevator in the underground garage to the top floor of the Emgrand Building.
Su Zhifei enjoys the feeling of holding the moon among stars. In his opinion, a company of 100 billion yuan in the Emgrand Group should be like this when facing himself, the young master of the Su family. From top to bottom are respectful.
Wang Dongxue’s female secretary led the way and said as she walked: “Master Su, our deputy Dong Wang is waiting for you in the office, but her office is not too big, so your entourage will work hard. Go to the next meeting room to take a break, and I will ask someone to arrange tea for them.”
Su Zhifei nodded lightly.
He also didn’t want to bring a lot of people into the other party’s office to talk about things.
Moreover, he didn’t feel that he would be dangerous if he came to a group with a market value of hundreds of billions.
So he said to his assistant: “You go to the conference room and wait for me.”
The assistant nodded immediately and said, “Good master!”
Su Zhifei’s assistant and bodyguard were introduced into the meeting room, and Wang Dongxue’s female secretary brought Su Zhifei to Wang Dongxue’s office alone.
The female secretary knocked on the door, and Wang Dongxue personally opened the door of the office. Seeing Su Zhifei, she respectfully said: “Hello Master Su, I am Wang Dongxue, Vice Chairman of Emgrand Group. Welcome your visit, let us The Emgrand Group is shining!”
Su Zhifei thought that Emgrand Group Wang Dongxue turned out to be such a beautiful and charming elder sister-like beauty. Seeing her wearing a professional suit with a knee-length skirt, and the slightly curly wavy hair, he was a bit stunned for a while.
Originally in his vision, since this Wang Dongxue could use her own efforts to become the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group step by step, then she would have to be at least thirty-five or even over forty years old.
After all, it takes time and experience to advance in the workplace. No one would believe that a woman under the age of thirty can rely on her strength to become the second-in-chief of a company with a market value of 100 billion yuan.
Because of this fixed thinking mode in his heart, the moment he saw Wang Dongxue, he felt amazing.
Therefore, he also nodded very gentlemanly and said: “I don’t think that Vice Dong Wang is so young and that he can become the second-in-chief of a company at such a young age. To come to Vice Dong Wang, his personal ability must be very remarkable.”
Wang Dongxue smiled humbly, and said humbly, “Master Su, you’ve been rewarded.”
After that, she hurriedly turned sideways and said, “Master Su, please come in!”
“Okay!” Su Zhifei nodded, and strode into Wang Dongxue’s office.
Wang Dongxue said to her secretary: “Go and prepare the best tea for Master Su.”

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If ye Chen is not going to end up with church then I hate him for deceiving her after she took care of him. Besides, why can’t he be proud to declare her openly as his wife?

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