The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3021

Su Zhifei didn’t even dream of thinking that a person would suddenly come out of Wang Dongxue’s office.
Moreover, he was more puzzled as to why this person’s voice made him feel a little familiar.
When he subconsciously turned his head to follow the prestige, his whole brain exploded with a buzzing sound, his eyes instantly glared, and his thoughts fell into a sluggishness in an instant!
He naturally recognized Ye Chen at a glance!
After all, the impression that Ye Chen left him in Japan was too deep, and he could not forget Ye Chen’s appearance until he died.
At this moment, his whole person was extremely shocked, and immediately afterwards, he couldn’t help murmuring: “Ah…is…is you?! This…this How can it be!?!”
Ye Chen came to face him and asked jokingly: “Why? We don’t see you in some days. When you see me again, you won’t even call a benevolent father?!”
Su Zhifei was instantly stunned by Ye Chen’s powerful aura, and immediately came to his mind, the shocking picture of Ye Chen killing several Japanese ninjas in Kyoto, Japan that day!
So, he trembled all over, and immediately bent over, bowed, and said respectfully: “Well…bearer…you…how are you here?! Since then As soon as I’m farewell to Kyoto, my sister and I have been looking for you and want to repay your life-saving grace, but we didn’t expect to see you here… I was so shocked to see you just now, and there is so much courtesy. If it’s not a week, please forgive me!”
Ye Chen sneered and said: “Su Zhifei, tell me about you, you don’t want to treat your own Yanjing well, you have to run to Jinling to come to seize, you must take the initiative, you must take the initiative to run to The Emgrand Group wanted to see me, but I came out as you wished. Now you ask me why I am here. Tell me, is there something wrong with your brain?”
Su Zhifei exclaimed: “En Gong…you…you are the chairman of the Emgrand Group?!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “What? I am the chairman of Emgrand Group, which surprised you?”
Like a quail, Su Zhifei said honestly: “This…to tell you, I really didn’t think of…”
Ye Chen nodded, and went straight to the opposite side of him, sitting on the solo sofa opposite him, spreading his hands on the backrest, raising Erlang’s legs, and asking him: “Let’s talk about it, so much effort. What are you looking for?”
Su Zhifei was guilty, but he could only bite the bullet and said: “I…I came to you…I want to…I want to talk to you about a cooperation… ….”
Ye Chen nodded slightly, without revealing him, but casually said: “I heard all this just now, you want to invest tens of hundreds of billions of dollars to engage in the new energy automobile industry with Emgrand Group, right?”
Su Zhifei could only nod his head, and said with some guilty conscience: “Yes…yes…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “This is a good thing! Look at your investment of 100 billion yuan, when will it arrive?”
“Huh?” Su Zhifei asked subconsciously: “Yun Gong…you…what do you mean?”
Ye Chen casually said: “What do I mean, don’t you want to invest with me? Since it is an investment, you naturally have to take out the money first?”
Su Zhifei hurriedly said: “This…for such a large investment, there must be a lot of preparatory work, and this investment is also for us to establish a joint venture company, and then follow the agreement. Good ratios and valuations, each out of the investment in their respective departments…”

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