The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3045

Ye Chen didn’t say anything to Gu Yanzhong. He just felt that it was a bit of a waste for him to suddenly give himself a private plane.
And this is not an ordinary small private jet worth tens of millions or one or two hundred million. This is a private jet modified from a Boeing 737 passenger plane.
The ex-factory price of a Boeing 737 ordinary passenger plane is about 100 million US dollars, but this is only an ordinary passenger plane. For private jets, an ordinary passenger plane is equivalent to a blank room, and the cost of the renovation and decoration of this blank room , At least accounted for more than half of the total value.
Calculated in this way, the value of this aircraft alone would be around one billion yuan.
Ye Chen was indeed a little ashamed to receive such a valuable gift for his birthday.
Seeing that he seemed to hesitate, Gu Yanzhong stepped forward and took his shoulders and said earnestly: “Chen’er, in my Gu Yanzhong’s mind, you are just like my son. You now have your own career, and you often need to It’s much more convenient for you to have your own private jet flying back and forth across the country and even around the world.”
Ye Chen said seriously: “Uncle Gu, in fact, the Ye family also has a spare private jet in Jinling, which is generally enough for me. I really don’t want you to spend too much money.
Gu Yanzhong said with a very firm expression: “The private jet of the Ye family belongs to the Ye family. The plane that your uncle gave you is your own. Can you feel the same with your own things as if you use other people’s things? Besides, you are now The relationship with the Ye family is not clear. In case you get awkward with your grandfather one day, and then use his plane again, isn’t it a dwarf?
As he said, Gu Yanzhong said again: “Besides, what else is there to be polite about you and uncle? It’s just a plane. At best, it is only 1 billion. I can be regarded as a person who almost died once. There is so much money and no place to spend. It’s also very painful.”
Lin Wanqiu on the side also hurriedly agreed: “Yes, Chen’er, you can accept it happily, don’t look back at your uncle Gu’s age, give you a birthday gift, and you have to ask you to accept it.”
When Ye Chen heard this, he immediately realized that he was indeed a little too outspoken.
The more expensive the gift, the more important it is to Uncle Gu and his wife. If they shirk repeatedly, it will hurt their feelings for them.
So he nodded immediately and said, “Thank you Uncle Gu and Aunt Lin. From now on, I will also have a private jet, Ye Chen!”
As soon as Gu Yanzhong heard this, he laughed suddenly, shook the big hand on Ye Chen’s shoulder, and said with a smile: “Go! Go to the restaurant!”
Ye Chen invited Gu Yanzhong and his wife to sit in the back row of his BMW 760, and then opened the door of the co-pilot for Gu Qiuyi. Before he finally got into the car, he told Chen Zekai: “Old Chen, let your car be in front. Let’s go straight to Tianxiang Mansion now.”
Ye Chen had already agreed with Hong Wu before that he was going to entertain guests at Tianxiang Mansion today, so the whole Tianxiang Mansion is not open for business today.
Hong Wu also turned away everything at hand and rushed to Tianxiang Mansion as a supervisor early in the morning.
As far as the security work and service process of the entire Tianxiang Mansion, as small as the freshness of every dish, raw materials and tableware to be prepared today, Hong Wu has basically inspected it more than once in advance. .
When Chen Zekai opened the road ahead and led Ye Chen to leave the airport together, Chen Zekai had already informed Hong Wu of the message.
Hong Wu immediately asked all the service personnel to line up in the parking lot at the entrance of Tianxiang Mansion and prepare to welcome him. At the same time, he also ordered many younger brothers to guard both sides of the entrance, and asked them not to let any other people in.
After all, Gu Qiuyi, who is with Ye Chen, is one of the hottest stars in the country today. If her meal in Tianxiang Mansion is revealed, she will be on the gossip news immediately. Hong Wu is extremely loyal to Ye Chen, naturally not. willing
Leave any hidden dangers to Ye Chen.
When the convoy drove into the parking lot, Hong Wu led a group of waiters waiting at the door.
As soon as Ye Chen stopped the car, he took the lead to step forward, first opened the two rear doors and the co-pilot’s door, and said politely to Gu Yanzhong and his wife and Gu Qiuyi: “Welcome three distinguished guests to Tianxiang Mansion! ”
Then he opened the main driving door and said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, the boxes are ready, let’s go in now.”

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