The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3063

The old lady Xiao sighed, causing Xiao Chang to lower his heads in shame.
The old lady Xiao saw the two of them like this, she felt contemptuous in her heart, so she stood up and said: “You two lie down on the bed, I’ll go to Ye Chen’s house!”
Xiao Hailong asked hurriedly, “Grandma, what are you going to do at Ye Chen’s house?”
Old Mrs. Xiao coldly snorted: “Humph! What else can I do? Of course, I am taunting them!”
Xiao Changqian said with some worry: “Mom. Ye Chen’s thunderstorm is only a speculation of you in the final analysis. There is still no confirmation. If you go to trouble them now, if Ye Chen is still violent. Lei, let us clean up easily. Isn’t that an innocent disaster?”
The old lady Xiao said disdainfully: “When did my old lady’s eyes pass? I told you that your wife was unreliable and asked you to transfer all the money to me. You don’t believe me. Look, your wife is running now. Right?”
Speaking of this, the old lady couldn’t help but gnashing her teeth and cursing: “Smelly shameless bitch. Go away, you dare to steal my money! If the bastard doesn’t die, it’s just like God doesn’t have eyes long!”
Xiao Changgan was speechless.
Qian Hongyan’s things really made his face dull.
Stealing the old lady’s money is a trivial matter. Secretly conceiving other people’s children and infecting himself with a disease is what he hates most.
Xiao Hailong said at this time: “Grandma, Ye Chen, this kid has always been very evil, and sometimes the more he feels that he is going to die, he can just play with flowers, so I think we should keep a low profile and wait for him to be violent. Thunder, it’s not too late to taunt him!”
The old lady Xiao fell into deep thought.
She was so stimulated by Ye Chen in her heart that she always wanted to find a chance to be ashamed.
However, she also admitted that what the grandson Xiao Hailong said is indeed reasonable. Ye Chen is always unpredictable, and he does not play cards according to the routine. It is indeed necessary to be careful and not to be careless.
So, after thinking about it, she said, “Let’s go to their house first, and explore the reality!”
Xiao Hailong quickly reminded: “Grandma, you must be careful!”
“Don’t worry.” Old lady Xiao waved her hand: “I know it in my heart.”
As she said, she suddenly remembered something, and gritted her teeth and said, “No! Since today is Ye Chen’s birthday, how can I go empty-handed? I’m going to the vegetable market to buy two catties of leeks for him!”
Xiao Hailong was confused, and asked in surprise: “Grandma. Why do you want to give Ye Chen leek? Xiao Churan cuckold Ye Chen again.”
As soon as Xiao Hailong mentioned the green hat, Xiao Changgan felt his head glowing green, and angrily cursed, “Let’s put a green hat on Lao Tzu!”
Xiao Hailong looked sad, and the old lady Xiao said: “Ye Chen used daffodils to pretend to be leeks. We vomited and diarrhea was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. My old lady always remembered this grudge!”
Xiao Hailong recalled the time when he had incontinence at home, he shuddered all over, and said, “Grandma, Xiao Hailong has always remembered this hatred, but you can’t solve this problem by buying two pounds of leeks!”
Old lady Xiao gritted her teeth and waved her hand and said, “It’s fine. I’ll go and touch their bottoms first!”
After that, she stepped out of the bedroom.
The old lady Xiao, who has always been proud, has experienced a lot of cold and warm in the world since she fell down. But what angered her the most was the indifference of Ye Chen’s family to her.
Originally, the family gave her a bit of face, but at the beginning she seized Ye Chen’s villa with all her heart, and finally tore their faces with the four of Ye Chen’s family.
Since then, she went to jail, fell injured, and even reduced to pulling plastic bags to customers in the supermarket. None of the Ye Chen family offered a helping hand to her. In particular, Xiao Changkun regarded her as air in the supermarket, which has made her hate it even today.
Soon, the old lady Xiao came to the door of Ye Chen’s house aggressively and directly pressed the doorbell.
In the villa, after Ye Chen put the cake in the refrigerator, he returned to the living room. Xiao Churan and her parents were still busy in the kitchen.

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