The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3072

Old lady Xiao promised repeatedly: “Okay, grandma will never interfere with your freedom in the future!”
Xiao Weiwei took the Hermes belt back from her hand and looked at it for a long time.
She originally wanted to quietly put it in Ye Chen’s mailbox, and then told Ye Chen on WeChat.
However, grandma is by her side now, and she doesn’t want to do these things in front of her.
Moreover, Ye Chen’s attitude just now really made her realize the distance between Ye Chen and herself and her family.
Thinking about it, Ye Chen should just help himself, but at the same time, he always kept a distance from him in his heart.
In this case, I ventured to give him a birthday present for fear that it would be self-defeating and disgust him.
Thinking of this, she sighed faintly, and said to Mrs. Xiao: “Okay, grandma, let’s go home.”
The old lady Xiao nodded angrily, followed behind Xiao Weiwei, and while walking towards her villa, she complained with a sigh: “Weiwei, it’s not grandma who said you, this is Ye Chen helping you, why don’t you follow me earlier? What did grandma say? You have to tell grandma earlier, and grandma won’t run to touch this nail…”
Xiao Weiwei walked in front, looked at the Hermes belt in her hand, and said absently: “Brother-in-law won’t let me tell anyone.”
“Hey…” Old Mrs. Xiao sighed and sighed: “In Ye Chen’s heart, we are still guarded everywhere…”
Xiao Weiwei felt even more uncomfortable when she heard this, so she took two quick steps under her feet before returning to the villa where she lived.
Old Mrs. Xiao ran all the way to catch up. The two came to the bedroom upstairs. Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong who were lying on the bed were already a little impatient. Xiao Hailong asked Mrs. Xiao expectantly: “Grandma, see you Have you arrived at Ye Chen?”
Old Mrs. Xiao said with a sad look: “I saw…”
Xiao Hailong asked hurriedly, “What do you say? Is this guy really going to explode?”
The old lady Xiao sighed, and said with emotion: “What kind of thunder? It’s really whimsical. Ye Chen can’t get thunder…”
“Why grandma?” Xiao Hailong was astonished, and hurriedly said, “Isn’t this all your analysis? What do you say about a leaf knowing autumn, what did you say before, what is it now, what do you say now? I’ve talked a lot about it, why do you say I’m whimsical now?”
Old lady Xiao said angrily: “What’s wrong with the idioms I said? It’s not illegal to say idioms!”
Xiao Chang hurriedly said, “Mom, don’t be familiar with Hailong. He has been stubborn since he was a child, and he has not read any books. He can count the four-character idioms with both hands. How can he compare with you? ”
After speaking, seeing the old lady Xiao’s expression eased a bit, she hurriedly asked: “God, you’re the one we talked about. Why can’t that bastard Ye Chen explode?”
The old lady Xiao sighed and said quietly: “In the end, I guessed wrong. Ye Chen, this kid is really capable. Weiwei hasn’t told us before that it helped her. Very busy, the noble person who entrusted the Shangmei etiquette company to her is Ye Chen!”

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