The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3116

The next day, early morning.
Ye Chen and Xiao Churan got up one after another, and went downstairs for breakfast after washing.
According to the procedures these days, Ye Chen will drive Xiao Churan to work after eating, but the work location may be uncertain, it may be to the company, or to the construction site of the Emgrand Group. Or the old house that Du Hai took freshly.
However, after Xiao Churan was busy talking to his mobile phone while eating, he said to Ye Chen excitedly: “Husband! Song Wanting from the Song family, Miss Song asked me to go to the Song Group to talk about project cooperation!”
Ye Chen was not surprised, because Song Wanting had already expressed this very clearly yesterday.
In Ye Chen’s opinion. The reason why Song Wanting did this is definitely to help Xiao Churan start her own business in return for her help.
Therefore, Ye Chen didn’t think much. So she asked her: “I will send you to the Song Group after dinner that time, or go to other places?”
“Go to the Song Group!” Xiao Churan said without hesitation: “Ms. Song is now the chairman of the Song Group. In terms of project cooperation, she should be able to decide directly, so I have to hurry up and talk to her. To see if we can put the cooperation to fruition as soon as possible.”
Ma Lan on the side couldn’t help exclaiming: “Chu Ran, you have to cooperate with the Song Group now? Good deed! This is too powerful!”
Xiao Churan hurriedly said, “Mom, I just went to have a chat with Miss Song to see if there is any possibility of cooperation.”
Ma Lan smiled and said: “The boss of a group such a big family actively invites you to talk about cooperation. Do you still have to think about it? It will definitely happen! In this way, your company will have to take another step.”
Xiao Churan said: “This has to be known after talking to Miss Song.”
Ma Lan blurted out without hesitation: “Don’t worry, it will definitely happen. Don’t forget, Ye Chen has shown Feng Shui to Song’s family, and Song Wanting hadn’t come to our home to give gifts in person before! In the face of Chen, how could she let you go for nothing?”
As soon as Ma Lan said this, Xiao Churan’s mood was a little dim. She knew that Song Wanting wanted to cooperate with her because of her husband’s face. Even with the previous cooperation of the Emgrand Group, Wang Dongxue probably only gave it to herself because of her husband’s face, which made her entrepreneurial enthusiasm more or less undermined.
Ye Chen saw that there was something wrong with Xiao Churan, and smiled and comforted: “My wife, in fact, a lot of business is obtained only through the help of others. However, whether you can do the business well and satisfy the other party, you still have to rely on yourself. Strength, I believe that on this point, my wife’s ability is top-notch.”
Xiao Churan smiled gratefully, and said seriously: “Thank you husband…”
Eaten. Ye Chen drove Xiao Churan to the Song Group.
And because he had an appointment with Su Zhiyu and He Zhiqiu to hold a meeting in the Emgrand Group, he drove away by himself and went to the Emgrand Group.
Xiao Churan received extremely high courtesy in the Song Group.
As soon as she mentioned her name to the front desk, Song Wanting received the news and came down from the office to greet him personally, which made Xiao Churan a little flattered.
Song Wanting invited Xiao Churan to her office. So he took out the planning plans of several construction projects of the Song Group and said to Xiao Churan: “Mrs. Ye, these projects are projects that we are currently preparing and are about to start. The design plans for the civil construction stage have been fully developed. . But the follow-up decoration design plan is still in bidding, if Mrs. Ye is interested, these projects can be handed over to your company.”
Xiao Churan was shocked and speechless because of the projects Song Wanting brought out. The total investment even exceeded 15 billion.
According to the standards of the construction industry, the design cost of the overall architectural design generally accounts for about 3% of the total project cost, while the cost of interior decoration design generally relies on about 1.5% of the total project cost.
If according to this ratio, these projects only cost more than RMB 200 million for interior decoration design.
If the construction is also obtained, the profit will more than double!

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