The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3141

Ten minutes later, Lu Zhanjun had already selected the candidates to participate in the roundabout strike.
This time, he decided to lead a thousand elites of the Wanlong Temple to outflank Hamid’s front slope from the valley on the left wing.
He set aside half an hour of preparation time for these thousand elites, so that they could carry all their weapons and equipment during this time, and strive to take all of Hamid’s base in one go.
At the same time, China Suhang.
Outside the Su’s villa, eight black-lengthened bullet-proof Rolls-Royces drove slowly and stopped neatly in front of the villa.
The leading car in the front came down. A burly young man in his twenties with a short head. This man opened the door, got out of the car, and walked in a very upright and tough posture. At first glance, he had experienced high-intensity professionalism. Trained.
This person came to the front of the courtyard of the Su family residence, and said with a cold face to the nursing courtyard outside the door: “Tell Old Su, please tell him that our palace owner wants to see him.”
Seeing so many luxury cars coming, the nursing home of Su’s family immediately became vigilant.
Moreover, the other party was not very polite, so he might be asking for trouble, so he hurriedly said: “May I also ask what your palace master is called? I’ll also make a report.”
The man said coldly: “You don’t deserve to know the name of our hall master. Tell you master, thinking about the identity of our hall master. After our hall master sees him, he will naturally tell him.”
The nursing home was very upset with his attitude, but seeing that the other party was not too small and did not dare to provoke him, so he could only open his mouth and say: “Then wait for a while, I will report it.”
After speaking, he turned around and immediately reported the situation to Su Anshun, the housekeeper of the Su family.
Su Anshun knows the daily dynamics of Mr. Su best, including whether he wants to go out or whether there are important guests visiting today. He knows all of these.
Su Anshun knows very well that today, Mr. Su has no plan to go out, nor does he have any plan to meet guests at home, so eight extended Rolls-Royces came at one time, and he asked to see his master. This is really something. strange.
So, he hurriedly informed the family’s servants and bodyguards to stand up, and at the same time hurriedly invited the Su family’s strongest master He Lao out, let He accompany him to go outside for a while with these eight Rolls Royce. the host.
After He heard that he also attached great importance to it, and immediately went to the door with Su Anshun.
Outside the gate at this time, the eight Rolls-Royce cars were neatly parked in a row without turning off. Except for the person who came down to negotiate, no one else in the car came down. Every car was attached to the light. Privacy film with very low rate.
What’s more nonsense is that none of these cars have license plates, but a golden metal plate is hung on the license plate position, and this metal plate is actually carved with a dragon!
Su Anshun was also confused at a glance. He didn’t understand why these people came from, and asked Elder He in a low voice, “Elder He, do you think the dragon brand hanging on the front of their car is gold?”
Old He pondered: “Looking at the color, it should be pure gold.”
Su Anshun whispered: “Fuck, there is no license plate on the road, and a pure golden dragon card. These people are so fucking arrogant… I don’t know what they are coming from…”
Elder He said seriously: “What’s the origin, you can find out when you go up and explore.”
After all, he stepped forward and asked, “Who wants to see my master?!”
The young man who walked down from the Rolls-Royce said coldly: “It is our main hall that sees Elder Su.”
Having said that, he scolded with some dissatisfaction: “Our hall master’s time is very precious. We have just waited for two minutes. If we don’t invite our hall master in within three minutes, don’t blame our hall master. Give the Su family a chance!”
Su Anshun was so annoyed that she cursed in her heart: “Fuck, from where did something shit the lord, isn’t you driving eight Rolls-Royces? Our Su family is still full of Yanjing, and even the whole The first family in the country, you, the lord of the palace, are so awesome, can you beat our master?”
Thinking of this, Su Anshun responded with a bad tone: “There are too many people who want to see our master every day. You have to report yourself to let me know who wants to see our master, and then our master decides whether to take out precious things. See you at the right time, otherwise you thought that our master would see everyone?”
“Report your family?” The young man sneered: “You are just a subordinate, and you are not qualified to know the identity of our palace master!”
Su Anshun felt extremely insulted, and said angrily: “I’m a fucking servant, but you’re not a fucking servant? Everyone is a servant, what right do you have to talk to me like this?!”
The young man rushed in front of Su Anshun at a very fast speed. When Su Anshun was completely unresponsive, he grabbed him by the neck, picked him up, and sternly said: “Listen well, I am our palace master. One of his subordinates, one of the four kings of the Great War, is not a subordinate!”
Su Anshun didn’t expect that the other party dared to do something with himself outside the door of Su’s house, and suddenly exasperated and cursed: “You’re making trouble here, you’re fucking looking for death! Come on, catch him for me!”
As soon as these words came out, the bodyguards around him, even He Yingquan from the He family and other He family members were all ready to take action.
But at this moment, Elder He suddenly came forward with a solemn expression, and said politely: “Little brother, don’t be so angry. Anshun is a housekeeper in the Su family. He is a bit arrogant and indulgent in the week. Please see. In the face of the Su family, don’t have trouble with a servant…”
Su Anshun was a little confused when he heard what Elder He said, and blurted out: “Elder He, you are turning your elbow outward…”
Old He stretched out his hand to interrupt him, then glared at him again, and then said to the young man: “Little brother, since your family hall mainly sees our master, please wait a moment. I will go and tell the master now. ,what do you think?”
When the young man heard this, he let go of Su Anshun and said coldly, “Better hurry up, you only have two minutes left!”
He nodded quickly and said: “Okay! I must be as soon as possible!”
After that, he immediately said to the angry Su Anshun: “Anshun, you come to see the master with me!”
Su Anshun was hurt in the presence of the subordinates of the Su family, and naturally was 10,000 unhappy in his heart.
He still wanted to talk to the young man again, but when he heard Old He said that, he didn’t dare to disobey, so he could only follow Old He into the yard angrily.
As soon as he entered the yard, Su Anshun said very depressed: “He, it’s not me, Su Anshun deliberately offended you, but you are too interesting. It’s just that you didn’t help me in the situation just now, why did you stop me? What about me? And you are still talking to that little bastard, are you not too particular about it?”
Old He lowered his voice and said to Su Anshun: “I am not stopping you, I am saving you! Do you know that just the kid just now is far above me!”
“What?!” Su Anshun pale in fright, and blurted out: “This…How is this possible? He Lao! As for the facial paralyzed boy, can you be better than you?! Looking at the whole country, someone who can compare with you There are not many, except for the old man from the He family who just broke through, who can be better than you?”
Su Anshun instinctively did not believe what He said.
The other party didn’t even know what it was coming from, but a little brother who came down casually, would actually be better than He Lao? What international joke?
However, He Lao said very firmly: “That person’s speed, strength, and physical strength are above me!”
As he said, Old He explained with a solemn expression: “Just now he grabbed your collar and lifted you up. The whole process was so fast that I didn’t even react!”
“Furthermore, his arm is so powerful that it grabs you as a whole, and when you break free so violently, he doesn’t even move at all!”
“You remember, it’s not strong to be able to grab you, and it’s not strong to grab you and prevent you from breaking free, but it doesn’t matter how you break free, he won’t move, he doesn’t even have a millimeter of displacement. This is very strong!”
“Even if a master of He Yingquan’s level is here, let alone let him grab an adult, even if he grabs an adult dog, he can’t be able to stay still when the opponent is struggling to break free! also can not!”
“So, that young man is unfathomable and very capable!”

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