The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3145

At this point, Su Chengfeng’s heart suddenly became excited.
“It seems that this Wanpo Army is not an enemy, or even a friend!”
“This, it’s just like another village!”
“Don’t say anything else, just to say that this kid has a master who is stronger than Elder He, maybe it can help me a lot!”
So, he suppressed the joy in his heart, and said with great emotion: “So you are the son of Liancheng! Unexpected, unexpected! You have grown up so much!”
Speaking of this, his expression dimmed suddenly, and he sighed: “I still remember that after your mother had an accident, your Uncle Su wanted to adopt you, but at that time you are no longer visible. He has been looking for you for a long time. There has been no news, and I blamed myself for this for a long time.”
“Yes.” Wan Pojun nodded and said lightly: “A relative in my family took me overseas… I was too young at the time to contact Uncle Su.”
Su Chengfeng nodded slightly and sighed: “If Shou Dao knew that you were still alive, he would be very happy!”
After speaking, he hurriedly asked again: “Pojun, what have you done overseas over the years?”
Wan Pojun said: “I have lived in Colombia for many years, and then I ran around the world.”
“Colombia?” Su Chengfeng asked in surprise: “Are you starting a business in Colombia now?”
“No.” Wan Pojun raised his head and said: “When I was fourteen, I joined a mercenary in Colombia. In the early years, I served the big drug lord in Colombia. Later, I came to Ligate.”
Su Chengfeng asked in surprise: “Do you also do that kind of business?”
Wan Pojun shook his head, and said coldly: “I will never touch that kind of thing in my life. I am talking about self-reliance, and I set up my own mercenary organization.”
As he said, he said with full pride: “Eight years ago, I established my own mercenary organization. I borrowed the name of my father’s Bandung Group and changed the prosperous Long to Tamron’s dragon, and then gave it to My mercenary organization named Wanlongdian to cherish the memory of my parents and at the same time remind me that I must avenge my parents!”
He was stunned as soon as he said this!
He looked at Wan Pojun and asked with a trembling voice: “Wan… Wanlong Palace is yours?!”
“That’s right!” Wan Pojun said coldly: “The Wanlongdian was founded by me. In eight years, my elite has reached tens of thousands! And Wanlongdian is also one of the five largest mercenary organizations in the world!”
After all, he said with a bit of excitement, “I have never been back to China for so many years, and I am coming back this time to avenge my dead parents and seek justice for them!”
Su Chengfeng didn’t know the Wanlong Temple.
Because although the rich in China are very rich, they have nothing to do with mercenary organizations at all.
The mercenary organizations are all in areas that have been war-torn throughout the year. Many of them are in the Third World. Rich people like Su Chengfeng are completely two-world people, so he doesn’t know how powerful Wanlong Palace is.
However, since Wanlong Palace has more powerful players than He Lao, and it is still the top five in the world, you don’t have to think about it and know that it is definitely not a waiter!
Moreover, what excites him most is that this Wanpo Army is here to seek revenge!
Who are you looking for revenge? Naturally it is the Ye family!
Moreover, he has become the leader of the world’s top five mercenary organizations, and it is impossible for him to know that Ye Changying died.

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