The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3149

The words of Wan Pojun made Su Chengfeng’s heart deeply shocked.
If he still wanted to use Wan Pojun just now, then he really admired Wan Pojun now.
It is simply admirable that a young man under thirty can develop to this scale in a world of bullets and bullets.
So, he took the initiative to hold a glass of wine and said from the bottom of his heart: “Broken the army! I have never admired anyone in my life. Ye Changying of the Ye family is the first, and you are the second. Come, I toast you a glass! ”
When Wan Pojun heard the three words Ye Changying, his expression was slightly cold. Soon, he looked at Su Chengfeng and asked seriously: “Grandpa Su, Ye Changying is really as strong as in the legend?”
Su Chengfeng nodded and said sincerely: “Although I have a deep grievance with the Ye family, I also have to admit that Ye Changying is indeed very strong. Ya, while feeling in his heart that having a child should be like Ye Changying…”
Wan Pojun looked solemn and asked seriously, “Grandpa Su, I want to know where Ye Changying is strong.”
Su Chengfeng said with emotion: “Oh… Ye Changying looks like a scholar, very elegant and demeanor, but he is not a martial artist. Compared with martial arts people, it’s almost the same.”
Wan Pojun asked again: “Then why do everyone think he is strong?”
Su Chengfeng thought for a moment, and said very seriously: “The word “strong” does not necessarily mean that the fist is hard. Ye Changying’s most powerful place, I personally think there are three points.”
“Which three points?”
Su Chengfeng said: “First, it is his strong personality charm! You know, most people are born to be unwilling to be led by others, but Ye Changying’s personality charm makes many people willing to follow him. , Obey him;”
“Second, it is his unparalleled personal ability! Ye Changying has an extraordinary strategic thinking and an overall view. In the market, he is a top genius who can truly manage between tactics and win thousands of miles away;
“Third, it is his self-control ability different from ordinary people!”
“Ye Changying never advances too aggressively because of the optimism of the situation, nor is he too cautious because of the pessimistic situation. Just like the rapidly changing futures market, Ye Changying can unswervingly and immediately after reaching the predetermined goal in the rapidly rising market. Even if everyone is optimistic about going long and feels that they will continue to rise in the future, he will not change his predetermined goal. Most people can’t do this!”
“In addition, Ye Changying had countless fans back then, and the women who liked him were even from Yanjing to Zhonghai, and from China to overseas. Many of them took the initiative to give their arms to them, but Ye Changying was able to shut out all temptations. , A man who can do this, in real life, I have only seen him!”
Speaking of this, Su Chengfeng sighed: “All in all, this person is the one I admire most in my life!”
Hearing this, Wan Pojun frowned and asked, “Why is Ye Changying so powerful, why did he die? Who killed him? There are rumors outside that the Su family killed him. I wonder if it is credible?”
Su Chengfeng chuckled and said: “Let me tell you this. When Ye Changying’s light was at its peak, our Su family relied on uniting many people to form the Anti-Leaf Alliance, and then we managed to carry it over. In the final analysis, the Anti-Leaf Alliance was actually It was not an active organization, but was established to report to the group for warmth. If we were able to kill him, we wouldn’t have been overwhelmed by him in the market. In the end, we can only hold a group for warmth.”
“What’s more, Ye Changying had already retired from the business world when he died. What is the point of killing him at that time? Everyone is in business. Who will do this kind of unrequited loss-making business?”
Wan Pojun nodded solemnly, and then asked, “Who is it that killed him?”

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