The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3154

For the soldiers of the Dragon Temple at this moment. The rpg shoulder-mounted rocket is the most powerful individual weapon they have now.
But Lu Zhanjun felt that rpg was enough.
The huge loss of the frontal attack just now. It is not because of how strong the enemy is, but because oneself is indeed too underestimate the enemy.
As long as I pay attention now and find the correct strategic plan, I will be able to lead the soldiers of the Pantheon to easily overcome each other.
Now, he and his followers have arrived at the foot of Hamid’s west wing, he believes, at most an hour later. This war will end! This time, in the tactics formulated by the Lu Zhanjun, there are a total of three plans.
The first and best plan is to quietly touch the entrance of Hamid’s Fortifications. Then suddenly rushed in, caught them by surprise, and wiped them all in the fortifications they built.
This is also the goal that the offensive is most eager to achieve in all tough battles, because only in this way can the work goal be the easiest and to pay the least casualties.
The second best option is to use rpg rockets when you reach the vicinity of the Yongbei fortifications. Performing precise strikes on the Yongbei fortifications is like the process of building up bunkers and artillery towers in the anti-Japanese film.
As for the third worst and worst plan, it is a storm at all costs.
However, there are few winners in the third option.
Because once it enters the opponent’s firepower net and cannot solve the opponent’s fortifications, the opponent almost forms a harvester-like killing advantage. In this case, if it can be won, it will almost rely on the corpses to pile forward.
and so. As a last resort, Lu Zhanjun didn’t plan to use the third option.
But as a commander, he must consider every possibility. Therefore, he formulated a red line for the third plan, once the casualties were reduced by more than 60%. Retreat immediately.
But he knew very well in his heart that this kind of situation would never happen.
After the preparations were completed, Lu Zhanjun led all the soldiers to check his own ammunition. After confirming that there was no problem, he said to the commander on the front battlefield through the walkie-talkie: “We have now touched the west side of the opponent. You are now Immediately launch a feint!”
The other party immediately replied: “After my side launches a feint attack, your side must also launch a surprise attack immediately!”
Lu Zhanjun looked at the time and said: “I will launch a surprise attack from the west wing ten minutes after you launched the feint!”
“Why do you have to wait ten minutes?” The opponent said in a puzzled manner: “The opponent has very strong firepower. And the defense is strong. I don’t know how much brother will lose in ten minutes. I fight on my side, and you immediately outflank it. , This is the most reasonable plan!”
Lu Zhanjun said seriously: “I have to wait for you to attack first, and wait for the enemy to start fighting with you, before I can visually determine the location of the enemy’s firepower point. Only when the enemy’s firepower point is determined. My people can accurately launch a quick sneak attack. , Dismiss the enemy’s firepower directly, otherwise if we rush over together, we won’t be able to attack it at all!”
The other party hesitated for a moment, feeling that the same was true, so he said: “Okay! I’ll let the soldiers prepare and launch an attack in ten minutes!”
He knew in his heart that he had no other choice now. With the strength of Hamid fortifications, it was impossible to attack from the front, and there was no chance to fight all of them. The only chance for success lies with the Lu Zhanjun.
And Lu Zhanjun has been a mercenary for several years, although it is said that he is rich in experience. But his kind of experience is all about attacking small armed forces in war-torn areas, and he has never encountered a truly powerful and strategic opponent.
It’s like a martial arts master who has always been relying on beating street gangsters to accumulate actual combat experience.
If a person abuses food too much, he will definitely become more and more food.
What is even more frightening is that he will be immersed in the sense of accomplishment of repeated abuse of food, unable to extricate himself, and not even aware of the fact that he has become more and more food.
and so. At this moment, Lu Zhanjun didn’t even know that he was roundabout, he had already roundabout into the enemy’s encirclement, and he was still holding a high-powered telescope. Observe the movement on the frontal position.
He was still instructing the soldiers around him, saying: “You all pay attention to observation. After a while after their second round of feint attacks, we can just observe the location of Hamid’s firepower. All the firepower points are marked. After we start the offensive, we will unplug all these firepower points as quickly as possible! As long as they unplug their fortifications, we will win!”
Several soldiers nodded immediately, and then took out the observation equipment and drawing tools, preparing to map the opponent’s firepower point position as quickly as possible after the feint attack began.
Lu Zhanjun is now in his chest, and Hamid’s frontal position has become his possession in his eyes!

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