The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3160

Among them, the blue-eyed wolf king and the white-clothed tiger king are both of Chinese descent, and the blue-eyed wolf king is naturally Chen Zhonglei who is in Syria, and the white-clothed tiger king is the outstanding young man next to him.
As for the Black-faced Leopard King and the Golden Retriever Lion King, they are African-American blacks and American-American blonde whites, respectively.
At this moment, the black-faced leopard king is in Yemen, and the golden lion king is in Palestine.
Seeing Chen Zhonglei’s call to himself, Wan Pojun immediately smiled and said, “It seems that our Blue Eyed Wolf King is going to send me the latest news today! Since he entered Syria, he has been utterly devastated and powerful. At present, the situation in Syria has been advanced for most of the time, and the remaining opposition groups are no longer in the air. If you want to come here for a few days, you will be able to eliminate them all in one go!”
After all, he was in a good mood, immediately took the call from the white tiger king, and said with a smile: “Zhong Lei, how many victories have he fought today?”
Chen Zhonglei on the other end of the phone said with ashamed tone: “Hall Master! Today, the Lu Zhanjun army encountered unprecedented resistance in the fortified battle against the Hamid armed forces. Lu Zhanjun died in the battle and the Wanlong Palace lost a total of 1,530 Four elites! This is because of ineffective command under the command, please also the Lord to punish!”
Wan Pojun’s expression suddenly became extremely gloomy.
He asked coldly: “What are you talking about? Lu Zhanjun is dead? More than 1,500 soldiers have been lost?! Are you kidding me?”
“Hall Master, this…not a joke…” Chen Zhonglei said painfully: “As far as I have learned, they used the normal method of rifle coordination this time to attack an opposition faction. The base, but I did not expect that the other side built a powerful permanent fortifications. The shelling did not cause a substantial blow to the other party. Then the other side relied on the permanent fortifications, which caused a heavy setback to our side during our offensive… .”
Wan Pojun asked sternly: “How did the Lu Army die? He was a five-star warrior, was he also shot and killed by the enemy hiding behind the fortifications? As our supreme commander in this war, did he personally charge into the battle? ?!”
Chen Zhonglei sighed and explained: “Hall Lord, after the frontal attack was ineffective, Lu Zhanjun led a thousand soldiers to intersect from the side of the enemy, but unexpectedly, the other side also built a large number of hidden fortifications on the side, and they strayed into the enemy. Fang’s firepower encircled the circle and was slaughtered unilaterally by the opponent, and Lu Zhanjun failed to escape…”
Speaking of this, Chen Zhonglei continued with grief and indignation: “The scouts on the Syrian side took pictures of the enemy cleaning the battlefield. Our brother died terribly. Everyone was shot more than a dozen rounds, and this bunch of bastards. It is too inhumane. When cleaning the battlefield, not only the weapons and ammunition of our soldiers were collected, but their pants and boots were also stripped off. It is really inferior to a beast!”
Hearing this, Wan Pojun grabbed the wine glass and threw it to the ground. He immediately stood up and yelled: “What a shame! What a shame!”
“You are all the elites of the elites carefully cultivated by my Wanlong Temple. The Lu Zhanjun is even a top five-star warrior, who will be beaten like this by a rubbish armed force in Syria, and 1,500 elites died in battle. , And even a five-star warrior died. This has never happened in the history of Wanlong Palace! Even on the most tragic battlefield, we have never lost a five-star warrior!”
Speaking of this, Wan Pojun was so angry that his veins were violent. He gritted his teeth and asked: “Are you worthy of the reputation of Wanlongdian in the global mercenary field for so many years of hard work?!”
Chen Zhonglei said with embarrassment: “Hall Master! This time it is my improper command. I am willing to accept all punishments. Even if you dismiss me on the spot, I have no complaints…”
Speaking of this, he turned around and pleaded: “It’s just the lord…I beg you to give me another chance, give me a chance to avenge my brothers personally! Give me three days, In three days, I will take Hamid’s base and use Hamid’s head to pay tribute to the dead brother!”

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