The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3165

Soon, Wan Pojun, who was extremely angry, took his men and drove to Yanjing.
On the way, Wan Pojun received a video from Chen Zhonglei from Syria.
This is the picture taken by the Syrian scouts near the position in the west wing of Hamid.
When I saw the soldiers under my command. Even when the five-star warlord was stripped of his clothes and thrown into the cliff like a dead dog, Wan Pojun’s lungs were about to explode!
With a gloomy expression of anger, he said, “Tell me my order to Chen Zhonglei! Be sure to completely wipe out this Hamid and his armed forces, leaving none! At that time, I will use their bodies to pay homage to these dead brothers!”
The herald next to him immediately said: “Yes, the lord! I will convey your order to the Blue Eyed Wolf King!”
Wan Pojun squinted his eyes, his fingers kept frustrating an old gold ring on his left middle finger, and muttered: “If I am not about to avenge my parents, I will go to Syria and kill this myself. Mead!”
Hamid at this time. I didn’t even know that he had become the enemy that must be eradicated in the eyes of the Lord of the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace.
He only knows. The enemy retreated, he won, and it was easy to win.
As soon as the front and west wing positions were cleaned up, he found that he had killed more than 3,000 enemies, while the number of soldiers he had lost was less than 100.
This is the biggest victory he has experienced so far, none of which is enough for him to brag for a lifetime. Remember to read in one second
The soldiers under him were also rejoicing.
I thought it was going to be completely cool this time, but I didn’t expect to have won a big victory. This was a great boost to morale.
Su Shoudao, who had been hiding in the tunnel on the reverse slope, was finally relieved at this time.
He was really afraid of Hamid’s defeat, and then he was killed as a soldier under his command.
But now it seems that it is safe for the time being.
Although the war was a great victory, it is a pity that Hamid’s base house was almost 80% destroyed by artillery fire.
The living quarters of most soldiers are gone, and some materials and personal belongings that were too late to be withdrawn are also gone.
Seeing the base become a ruin, Hamid felt somewhat regretful.
But he was also very clear in his heart. This kind of earthen house built in the valley is just like paper paste under enemy fire, but it is strange that it can be retained.
and. According to the current trend, I am afraid that in the future, you will have to live in the tunnel, because the tunnel is really safe.
Therefore, seizing the time to continue digging tunnels and preparing fortifications has become an urgent matter for him now.

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