The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3174

Hearing this, Chen Zhonglei was instantly sluggish.
He didn’t even dream of thinking that the North Wing was also in the enemy’s expectation.
As a result, the thousand elites he sent were all calculated by the opponent!
Obviously, he was going to sneak attack on the other side, and all the elites who were sent out were the most suitable for the beheading mission. Why was he killed and injured more than half as soon as he landed? How did the enemy strategize and arrange all this in advance?
Just when Chen Zhonglei fell into extreme self-doubt, Hamid’s soldiers attacked in an all-round way!
Hamid had already divided the entire base into five areas according to Ye Chen’s instructions.
And each area is divided into dozens of detailed coordinate directions according to the location of the explosion point.
Therefore, after the soldiers in each bunker knew which explosion point exploded according to the marked map, they immediately understood the enemy’s current location clearly.
Immediately afterwards, Hamid sent 800 soldiers on the front and back slopes to encircle the first echelon.
At the same time, the artillery in the tunnel on the reverse slope of the south wing immediately launched twenty small mortars, aiming at the location of the explosion point in the north wing from the entrance of the tunnel in the south wing, and prepared to launch another round of bombardment on the second echelon of the north wing.
The structure of the mortar is simple. To put it bluntly, it is nothing more than a slender barrel fixed on a tripod. This type of gun has a short range and low power. Compared with a towed artillery, it is nothing short of insignificant.
However, this weapon also has its advantages.
The biggest advantage is that it is highly mobile and portable. It can hit when it comes and run when it is finished.
Launching is also very simple, as long as you adjust the angle and put the shell from the muzzle, it will fire instantly.
During the Anti-Japanese War, Japanese Army Lieutenant General Nobihide Abe, known as the flower of the famous general, was taken away by a mortar by a young artillery of the Eighth Route Army.
It is precisely because of these advantages that this mortar has not been eliminated by the army for decades.
The artillery of Hamid knew the location of each explosion point in the north wing, so the adjustment before the bombardment was very rapid.
After a minute or two, these twenty mortars began a round of uninterrupted bombing!
Moreover, the drop point of the cannonball was very accurate, almost exploding in the center of the second echelon assembly point.
The five million Dragon Palace soldiers in the second echelon themselves were very tragically bombed, and there was no time to make any adjustments. The dense mortar shells, like hail, fell on their side one after another.
At this time, the hilltop of the north wing has become a purgatory on earth.
After a few rounds of shelling, the death rate of the soldiers in the Wanlong Palace across the North Wing had exceeded 90%.
The remaining people are also dying at this time.
“Tommy! Tommy! Quick answer when you hear it!” Chen Zhonglei was about to collapse. He was in the communication system, shouting the name of the second echelon commander.
However, on the other side of the phone, apart from the intensive cannon sounds, how can anyone respond to him?
The commander of the second echelon, British Tommy Johnson, was killed by the mortar shells as early as the first round of shelling.
Chen Zhonglei listened to the continuous explosion of mortar shells in the communicator, tears flowed over his face.
He knew that the second echelon might be powerless, so he immediately said to the commander of the first echelon: “Onizuka! You must hold on! Don’t give up! I will let the five thousand soldiers of the government army launch an assault. I will save you guys no matter what!”
The commander of the first echelon, Japanese Onizuka Kenta gave a sorrowful laugh, and said: “Commander, don’t worry about the enemy has rushed forward, goodbye commander.”

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