The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3176

Hamid won again.
Amazingly, this time there were no casualties among his soldiers.
Even though these paratroopers are the elites of the Wanlong Palace, even if they all have very complete weapons and equipment, but under Ye Chen’s tactical arrangements, this group of people has no chance to exert their advantages at all.
In the face of a powerful explosion, even the torrent of steel could not be able to withstand it, let alone these flesh and blood.
Knowing that Hamid had wiped out the enemy, the whole person was extremely excited.
He personally went to the area where the first echelon of the Wanlong Palace died, and watched his soldiers clean the battlefield under the light of the bright flashlight, and he was extremely excited.
Today, he fought two unmatched battles in succession, which was the most glamorous moment in his life.
Just when he was so excited, his adjutant came to report with excitement: “Report to the commander! We have harvested a lot of weapons and equipment, and hundreds of body armor and bulletproof helmets! All good things!”
“Although these equipment have been damaged to varying degrees, they are definitely still usable. I guess the situation on the North Wing will be similar. At that time, at least six or seven hundred or even seven hundred or eight hundred sets of bulletproof equipment can be sorted out. If they are allocated to our frontline The words of the soldiers will definitely further enhance our overall advantage!”
Hamid said with excitement: “Great, great! After these two battles, our soldier equipment has reached a new level! This Wanlong Temple does not seem to be a top mercenary organization, they are The top transportation brigade!”
The adjutant said hurriedly: “It’s not over yet, Commander! These five hundred people are all equipped with head-mounted night vision goggles. I just checked them out. Most of them are good and can be used! With this batch of individual soldiers With night vision equipment, our combat effectiveness at night will also rise sharply!”
“In addition, there are several thermal imaging cameras. Although three of them are broken, five of them can be used. If the parts of the broken three are exchanged, one may be refurbished. !”
Hamid grumbled with excitement again and again, and sighed: “Tsk tusk! tusk tusk! The Wanlongdian gang is really rich!”
Speaking of this, he contemptuously curled his lips and said: “Damn, can I use money as an egg? Isn’t it still being beaten by me?”
The adjutant hurriedly said again: “We also seized a large number of new grenades from them this time that we hadn’t seen before!”
“New-style grenade?” Hamid frowned upon hearing this, and asked, “Which kind of person has a grenade, show it to me.”
The adjutant hurriedly handed Hamid an American incendiary grenade.
Hamid took a look, and the expression on the whole person suddenly became extremely shocked.
He had seen this kind of incendiary grenades before. At that time, a dozen of his comrades in arms were besieged by the enemy in a small cave. The opponent did not rush in, but directly lost two of these grenades.
In just two, more than a dozen people in it were all burned to black charcoal.
During that experience, he still has lingering fears.
At the time, they called this weapon a demon’s flame.
Now that he saw this weapon, he still had lingering fears.
Immediately afterwards, he gritted his teeth and cursed: “This group of animals in the Wanlong Temple are really cruel and cruel. They want to use this weapon to burn us alive in the bunker fortifications!”
As he said, he cursed again: “These beasts are really damned! We have never provoked them, and we have never had any conflicts or hatreds with them, but they came to our country and hunted mercilessly. We, damn, we really kill them all and don’t understand our hatred!”
The adjutant also said angrily: “This group of mercenaries in Wanlongdian is a group of rubbish without faith and morality! Whoever gives them money is their master. As long as the money is more, let them kill themselves. Their relatives, they can do it too! Like this evil mercenary organization, they should all be wiped out!”
Hamid said coldly: “This time, I want to send a signal to Wanlong Temple to tell them that Hamid is not so easy to mess with!”

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