The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3191

Su Zhiyu looked at Ye Chen’s unwavering eyes and sighed deeply.
At this moment, she felt a bit of guilt deep in her heart.
In fact, she also knew that Ye Chen was telling the truth. If it weren’t for the face of her and Su Ruoli, her father Su Shoudao would not have the opportunity to live in Syria.
Being able to go to Syria is already Ye Chen’s openness to him.
At this time, I was begging Ye Chen to take a step back, which was indeed a bit too much.
Therefore, she said to Ye Chen with great ashamedness: “I’m sorry, my benefactor, I was wrong. When you made this decision, I accepted your three-year agreement. I shouldn’t come to you again at this time. Take a step back…”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently: “After all, he is your father. It is natural for you to beg for him.”
After all, he looked at the time and said: “Okay, let’s stop here, the release meeting is about to begin, and you have to prepare.”
“Okay!” Su Zhiyu nodded, and said: “I’ll go over the speech with Miss Ito again.”
At this time, Ye Chen was also secretly thinking: “It seems that I have to go to Syria again in these two days!”
Ye Chen felt that going to Syria by himself was simple.
He could still use the method of opening the umbrella at a low altitude last time, and I believe he would be able to easily bypass the Wanlong Temple.
However, if he wanted to bring Su Shoudao out surrounded by more than 10,000 people, it would definitely not be an easy task.
So, go there early and prepare more time to see if there is a good way.
Otherwise, if the ancestor worship ceremony is delayed and Su Shoudao can’t let Su Shoudao go to his parents’ grave and kowtow to admit his mistake, how should I explain to his parents?
Moreover, Ye Chen was somewhat worried about whether Hamid’s defense could withstand the attack of ten to twenty thousand soldiers in the Wanlong Palace.
If after a period of time, the Wanlong Palace sees that the siege is unsuccessful and becomes red eyes, and is willing to pay tens of thousands of people with the government to kill Hamid, then Hamid may not be able to stop it.
So go as soon as possible to determine both things, so as not to have more dreams in the future!
Ye Chen and Su Zhiyu came to the VIP lounge together. Ito Nanako, Song Wanting and He Zhiqiu were all sitting on the sofa at this time.
Nanako Ito was holding a few manuscripts and was communicating with He Zhiqiu. Seeing Ye Chen coming in, there was a burst of joy in her eyes. She quickly stood up and said with a smile: “Ye Chen-jun, you are here!”
Ye Chen gestured to her with a slight smile, and He Zhiqiu also stood up, and said a little nervously and shyly: “Mr. Ye, you are here…”
Seeing Ye Chen, Song Wanting also got up and said respectfully: “Master Ye, you are here!”
Ye Chen smiled and nodded to several people, and said: “You will be working hard later, take care of this release meeting. Let’s Yisu Shipping, two beautiful shareholders, one beautiful ceo, and another one. A beautiful strategic partner, you four beauties come up with one at random, all of them are like a beautiful country, I believe that today‚Äôs release will definitely make people impressed!”
Song Wanting couldn’t help but smile and said, “Master Ye, you are too good at us. If you want to say that the country is beautiful, they are all three. I am old, and I can’t afford these four words… and I’m here to make soy sauce today, and the three of them are the protagonists.”

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