The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3212

After Chen Zhonglei agreed to the peace talks, the middleman quickly fed back the information to Hamid.
The time for the peace talks is set at three o’clock this afternoon. As for the place of the peace talks, it is set at the station where Chen Zhonglei and the government army commander are stationed.
However, the other party did not inform the specific location coordinates of the station, but gave Hamid the coordinates of the transit point, so that Hamid’s pilots sent the negotiator to the transit point first, and then by their helicopter. Bring the negotiator to the place of negotiation.
Ye Chen was very clear about the other party’s motives for doing this. They must have leaked the position information of the leadership, and he was afraid that Hamid would directly fire a round of fire on that coordinate, so he also had no objection to it.
Hamid also put forward three requirements of his own to the other party:
First, at the negotiating table, in addition to their own negotiators, the Wanlong Temple and the government must send their top commanders, otherwise the talks will be avoided;
Second, your negotiator takes a helicopter to take off from your base. The helicopter will disassemble all weapons, equipment and ammunition, and the other party must clearly agree that all soldiers shall not fire on the helicopter;
Third, no matter what the two parties talked about, they must not harm their negotiators.
His three requests were reasonable, so he quickly got a definite answer from the other party.
At 2:30, Ye Chen put on a camouflage uniform, put on a disposable mask, and prepared to take Hamid’s helicopter to the transfer point agreed upon with the other party.
Hamid was very worried about Ye Chen’s safety, for fear that Ye Chen would encounter accidents after going deep into the tiger’s den.
However, Ye Chen had made up his mind. He knew that he could not persuade him, so he could only send him to the helicopter himself, and said sincerely: “My brother, take care, I am here waiting for you to come back!”
Ye Chen nodded and said calmly: “After I leave, I will tie up Su Shoudao, and when I come back, I will take him on the plane and leave.”
Hamid hurriedly said: “Good brother, don’t worry, I will go now!”
As he said, Hamid asked him again: “Brother, that blue-eyed wolf king, what are you going to do with him after you control him?”
Ye Chen said without hesitation: “I will take him away when the time comes, but it may leave you a little trouble. Wanlongdian will definitely put this account on your head.”
Hamid said indifferently: “I have already carried two thousand and five hundred lives in the Wanlong Palace. It doesn’t matter if I have one more!”

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