The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3213

As soon as the phone was connected, Wan Pojun asked Chen Zhonglei straightforwardly: “Is there any good news for me?”
Chen Zhonglei said very nervously: “Hall Lord Hamid found a middleman today to express his desire for peace talks.”
“Peace talks?” Wan Pojun suddenly said angrily: “He and his soldiers are responsible for the more than 2,500 soldiers sacrificed in my Wanlong Temple. I don’t accept them except for annihilating them all. Any other results!”
Chen Zhonglei plucked up the courage and said: “Hall Lord, the problem now is that we can’t eat that Hamid at all. The only way is to stay here forever. It won’t be a problem if we continue to do so! Our daily economic losses are all It’s very serious, and it’s not worth the gain if this continues.”
Wan Pojun sternly said: “As long as you completely surround them and don’t leave any chance to escape, it won’t take long for them to become messy themselves. Even if they don’t mess up, they won’t be able to hold on for too long! How can it be possible to fight a protracted war with us at this time?”
Chen Zhonglei sighed with a sigh: “Hallmaster, but the key issue is that Hamid has already stored a huge amount of strategic materials. I dare not say anything else. With their current amount of materials, 10,000 people will last for a whole year. , There must be no problem, but we have no way to accompany him here for a whole year, and now the government forces are going to be arrogant.”
Having said that, Chen Zhonglei reported his current situation to Wan Pojun in detail.
Hearing these circumstances, Wan Pojun was outraged.
He cursed almost desperately: “Chen Zhonglei! My Wanlong Palace has been established for so many years, and I haven’t suffered such a big loss or lost such a big person, and I haven’t fallen into such a passive situation! You really are. I broke several records in a row!”
Chen Zhonglei was also aggrieved at this time, and said in pain: “Hall Master, I admit that I did underestimate the enemy before. I didn’t expect to meet a decent opponent in Syria. I am willing to accept your punishment at any time, but now it is crucial. The problem is that this Hamid surrounded himself in an iron bucket and prepared a large amount of food and supplies. Our 15,000 people are simply in a dilemma!”
“If the government forces withdraw and only our people are left to surround Hamid here, the situation will be even more embarrassing. The government forces will only pay for the mercenaries who work for them. After we came, we not only suffered defeat, but also violated. In accordance with their wishes, they will probably turn their faces with us because of this, and then the gain will not be worth the loss.”
Wan broke his military spirit and wished to go to Syria in person and smash that Hamid into pieces, because he knew that as long as this Hamid dies, his arms will be completely disintegrated, and all problems will be solved by that time.
However, looking at the cheap coffins piled up in front of him, he couldn’t help but warn himself not to be distracted at this critical moment.
He secretly thought in his heart: “Although I have great confidence that I can kill that Hamid without knowing it, it is now a few days away from Qingming, and the time is really too tight! Even if I start from China now Going to Syria, the time spent on the road is at least more than 30 hours!”
“In case I was delayed due to some unforeseen factors, I won’t be able to go to Yeling Mountain in person on Qingming Day!”

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